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Toddler Toys that Teach

Toddler Toys that Teach

At the young ages, children are sponges that learn everything around them. It is our job as parents to nourish that learning and provide the tools they need to excel later in life. In the busy world we live in, not every parent has the time or opportunity to teach their children the basics needed to prepare them for pre-school and the world ahead. Luckily the child toy industry has provided us with toys that teach. By choosing the proper toys while your child is young, you can effortlessly provide them with a fun tool to prepare them for what’s to come. Whether you are a parent on the go or a stay at home mom looking for fun and educational toys to share with your toddler, these suggestions may give you and your child what they need.

 Pattern Blocks and Boards:
These fun little puzzles are more than a toy. Children build patterns and shapes based on the pre-cut boards using shapes and colors. The interior of the shape is completely hollowed, allowing kids to figure out how to fill it in with the different shapes. Each time they may choose a different pattern or way to fill it in. This is a great toy to teach colors, shapes, spatial recognition and problem solving. With over 100 blocks in 6 different shapes and colors, the combinations and patterns are endless.

Wooden Building Blocks:
I am a child of the 80’s where Lincoln Logs reigned supreme. Today wooden building blocks help children learn about construction and destruction. Kits usually include 60 pieces of varying shapes and sizes, allowing the child’s creativity to take over. Whether they build moderate buildings or extravagant skyscrapers, there are no limits to the architectural designs. This toy is great for teaching building structure, balance, and gravity.

Kids Abacus:
This variation of the classic abacus of the ancient times teaches more than just counting. With different options you can get wooden letter blocks or the classic color beads. The two sided blocks teach children the alphabet, counting, and picture recognition. The classic abacus will teach your child how to count and color recognition.

Doorbell House Play Set:
This cute little house is more than a place to live for the wooden people included. The play set also includes 4 doors, 4 doorbells, and 4 keys. Kids can ring the bells, lock, and unlock each door. This special little house teaches children about fine motor skills, memory and matching. The people included also teach kids about family dynamics and safety as they lock them behind the doors.


Pretend and Play Calculator and Cash Register:
With the economy the way it is, you are never too early to learn how to manage money. Giving your child a head start at smart financing is a great way to prepare them for a future of monetary exchange. This cash register comes with a solar powered calculator, life sized dollar bills, plastic coins and even a credit card. It is a great way to teach the young ones about how money and credit works.

There is no doubt we want our children to be prepared for the future. The younger they start the better their chances of getting ahead will be. By choosing the proper toys for your toddler you can assure a future that is brighter, smarter and successful. With Christmas on the approach, now is a great time to get your child on the fast track to learning the skills needed to be a successful adult.

Writer Angie Pomilia is also a content contributor for Brainz, a topical website urging us to learn something new and share it with others -- whether it's a list of the best dollhouses for girls or 14 easy meals every guy should know how to make.



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