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Ringling Bros. and Barnum &Bailey® BARNUM BASH: GIVEAWAY

Ringling Bros. and Barnum &Bailey® Presents BARNUM BASH

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the circus (did you get that I love the circus).  The circus comes to Portland around my birthday every year, it is great.  I have two extremely memorable birthdays, the #1 most memorable birthday was my 30th (not usually what a woman says) when my husband swept me away to Jamaica for two weeks so that I would not have to face anyone and could drown my getting older sorrows in tropical drinks and sunshine.  My second most memorable birthday was my 24th birthday when my parents took me to the circus.  They were recently divorced so they were competing against each other to make the day special.  One would buy me a snow cone (the ones in the giant white tiger cup) so the other would buy me a nacho, then I would get a licorice rope and peanuts from one so the other would get me the souvenir program and popcorn.  It was the circus experience of every child's dream (OK, so I wasn't a child but I felt like a kid that day). 
Ringling Bros. and Barnum &Bailey® Presents BARNUM BASH, An All New Gold Edition COMING TO PORTLAND SEPTEMBER 13-16
BARNUM BASH is the Most Spectacular Circus Party of the Century!

PORTLAND, Ore.– Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents BARNUM BASHSM introduces the Ringling Bros.® Ringlettes, who are the stylish hosts of the swankiest circus party in town. The Ringlettes are ready to invite Children of All Ages in on the hippest circus spectacular that The Greatest Show On Earth® has ever produced and is coming September 13-16 at the Rose Quarter in Portland, Ore.

The fun begins as soon as the audience enters Ringling Bros. Presents BARNUM BASH with a rockin’ Pre-show party happening directly on the arena floor. Party goers can learn fresh dance moves from Ringling Bros. clown DJ Dean, style in glitzy costumes, learn balancing and juggling skills, meet and take photos with circus stars, and even step behind the curtain for an exclusive backstage experience which includes an up-close look at the most exotic animal menagerie only at BARNUM BASH. 

Ringling Bros. Presents BARNUM BASH has assembled the most amazing international acts including the Mighty Dmytrio, Motorcycle Mania, Epic Asian Elephants, Wheel of Steel, and Hand Balancers. All are tricked-out for the circus party and ready to perform wild feats of wonders and strength, to contemporary pop music and in 21st century Barnum style. Everyone who is anyone is invited to the party, except Anton, a loveable, goofy hipster clown, who just wants to be part of the fun. Ringling Bros. Presents BARNUM BASH is all the rage with outlandish thrills, hilarious high-jinks and majestic animals, but can Anton, with his non-stop laughable antics, persuade us all that there’s not just one right way to party!?! 

The action at Ringling Bros. Presents BARNUM BASH begins an hour before show time at the Pre-show Party – FREE to all ticket holders. One Ring. A Thousand Memorable Moments. Don’t miss this opportunity to get closer than ever to The Greatest Show On Earth! Get your tickets today!

For more information, visit or visit us on Facebook.
Performance Schedule:
September 13th- 7:00pm
September 14th- 7:00pm
September 15th- 11:30am, 3:30pm & 7:00pm
September 16th- 12:30pm & 4:30pm

Tickets are $42 (VIP Floor), $30 (VIP), $20 (Third Level).  All seats are reserved, and tickets are available by calling Ticketmaster. For group rates and information, call 877-789-ROSE.

About Feld Entertainment: Feld Entertainment is the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment experiences that lift the human spirit and create indelible memories, with 30 million people in attendance at its shows each year. Feld Entertainment's productions have appeared in more than 70 countries on six continents and include Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, Feld Motor Sports, Disney On Ice and Disney Live!
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Decorating with Animal Prints

 Decorating with Animal Prints

Your home d├ęcor is an extension of your own personality and sense of style. Whether you have chosen to decorate your home with a traditional style, a contemporary style or another style altogether, one thing is for certain. You want your bedroom to be a private oasis that inspires rest and relaxation. Some people, however, also want their bedroom to show off their fun or wild side. This is a room that you can have fun decorating, and you may now be looking for the best animal print bedding sets available.

Animal prints were popular years ago, and they continue to be in style today. However, finding the bedding styles you want in local stores can be a challenge. It may seem like all of the bedding styles feature solid prints, stripes or floral designs. With a visit to Image Bedding, found online at, you can easily find a great selection of high quality, animal print styles. Some people are interested in a leopard or giraffe print. Others have decided that a zebra print would look best in their space. While some want to decorate their bedroom using traditional animal print colors like whites, tans, browns and blacks, others want to make a bold statement through the use of neon green, hot pink and bold purple hues.

The fact is that Image Bedding has all of the best animal print styles available to choose from. You can drive from store to store looking for the right bedding for your space. If you find the style you want in a local store, the added challenge is finding the right size of bedding for your mattress. Why go through this hassle when you can find the perfect styles you want in the sizes you need without even having to leave the house. Simply visit Image Bedding’s website today to shop for the animal print bedding you want.

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Get a Dale Jr “Pit Kit” when you Join the Diet Mt Dew #DewCrew

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Dale Jr’s “Pit Kits” available only to one of the first 200 insiders to sign up!

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Red Vines black licorice recalled over high lead levels

American Licorice Company Announces Recall of 16 oz. Red Vines® Black Licorice Twists

One-pound packages of Red Vines Black Licorice Twists have been recalled because they tested positive for high levels of lead, California officials said.

California health officials are warning fans of the popular Red Vines black licorice candy not to eat the treats because they tested positive for high levels of lead. 

American Licorice Co. of Union City, Calif., issued a voluntary recall Wednesday for 1-pound bags of Red Vines Black Licorice Twists with a best before date of Feb. 4, 2013. It was not clear what volume of product had been recalled. Company officials did not immediately return NBC News calls seeking comment.
"American Licorice is notifying consumers not to eat this candy and asking they return to their place of purchase for a full refund," company officials said in a statement on their website. 
Only the one pound bag (16 oz.) of Red Vines® Black Licorice Twists containing "Best Before Date" of 020413 are affected by this recall.
Analysis by the California Department of Public Health found that samples of the black licorice candy contained as much as .33 parts per million of lead, the agency said in a press release. That concentration could provide up to 13.2 micrograms of lead per serving, more than double the daily limit, for instance, for children younger than 6. Kids younger than that age should not consume more than 6.0 micrograms of lead per day from all dietary sources, health officials indicated.
No illnesses have been reported in connection with the candy, said Ronald Owens, a health department spokesman.
Lead can be dangerous to pregnant women and young children. It is a heavy metal that can be toxic to developing organs and may impair neurological development. Long-term lead poisoning has been linked to learning disabilities and other problems in children.
California officials warned that pregnant women and parents of children who may have eaten the candy to talk with their doctors to determine if medical testing is necessary.
Consumers who find the candy for sale are urged to call the CDPH complaint hotline at 1-800-495-3232.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great! Now I am one of "THOSE" Parents

Great! Now I am one of "THOSE" Parents

My little Wiggle Bean is rapidly growing in to a sassy pint sized fashionista with an attitude.  Some times when you ask her how old she is, she responds back with 18!  When you explain to her that she is only three and a half she replies back with yeah but then I am going to have a birthday and then another one and be 18.

I really should start a book with all of her antics and the hilarious things she says on an almost daily basis, it could be a best seller in the humor category and the Parenting (or how not to parent) category.

We have in-depth conversations about roasting marshmallows and making S'mores, she thinks everything that arrives in a box at our house is automatically for her, and she is smart as a whip when it comes to remembering things from weeks and even months ago (especially the things you want her to forget). She is extremely independent and wants to do everything on her own, her new favorite stance involves one or both hands/fists on hips.

I am in for a world of hurt when she is a teenage, I have begun preparing myself already but doubt I will be fully ready when the time comes.

The latest in the Wiggle Bean saga ended with me being one of "THOSE" parents that you read stories about online and think, "how could you let that happen?", "how did you not notice?" and say "I will never do that!"

Well guess what, It happened, I didn't notice and now I have done it!  THANKS BEAN!

Here is how I became one of "THOSE" parents:

ME: Bean, time to get dressed.  Would you like me to help pick out your clothes?
BEAN: NO! but can you help?
ME: (confused look on face because that was what I just asked) OK, do you want to wear shorts, a dress or a skirt?
BEAN: A skirt and shorts
ME: Well you can't wear a skirt and shorts but these (gets out options) skirts have built in shorts. (displays 4 skirt options)
BEAN: Does that one twirl?
ME: Yes it should twirl
ME: What top do you want? T-shirt or Tank top?
BEAN: A dress
ME: Well that wasn't an option and you can't wear a dress with a skirt.  Do you want a T or tank?
BEAN: I wore a dress and skirt to your friends!
ME: (dang it why does she remember that now, and it was a cute outfit) Yes, but it will not work with this skirt.
BEAN: OK, a tank top

We then sort through just about every tank top in her closet (man this girl has a ton of clothes) before she finally picked a suitable one. I laid her full outfit on her bed, asked her if she wanted help (to which she replied no) and left her to get dressed on her own while I finished making lunch.

About 10 minutes later she comes jumping into the dining room exclaiming "TA DA dressed".  I congratulated her, told her she did a great job and set her on to picking which of her many shoes she would wear that day. 

We finished our usual routine of hair brushing, teeth brushing, arguing over watching TV, and deciding on our accessories for the day (I told you she is a fashionista and rarely goes with out some type of accessory or another) and loaded up in to the car with Daddy for the ride to school.

At this point everything seems normal, we get to school, unload from the car, get about half way up the ramp to the door and she starts snickering (never a good sign).

BEAN: (giggle, giggle) Mom, I have to tell you something (giggle)
ME: What? (leans down for her to talk in my ear)
BEAN: I'm not wearing any panties
ME: WHAT? (gives husband a "this isn't happening" look and hopes she is joking)
BEAN: I don't have any underpants on (giggle)
ME: really?  (checks, sure enough no underpants, just the shorts that are part of the skirt) Hon, I put them on the bed with your clothes, what happened?
BEAN: I know, I forgot how the go on
ME: You got your skirt on, they go on the same way
BEAN: OH, I forgot

At this point I am mortified and imagining the call from daycare should we not have caught this "Um...... Mrs. M, did you know that Bean is not wearing any underwear today?" (uncomfortable silence).

All the while, my husband is trying not to laugh too loud and looking at me like "How could you let this happen?"  

We have no time to go home, finish getting dressed and make it back so that my husband and I can get to work on time.  Thankfully I remember that while she was potty training at the end of last year, I put a few spare pairs of underwear in her cubby at school for just in case purposes. 

If ever there was a just in cases moment, this was it.  We quickly popped into her classroom, snuck a pair of undies out of her cubby and ducked into the bathroom to put on our missing garments (hopefully with no one else the wiser)

The moral of this story is that even if your independent child says they got them selves dressed, check for undies before leaving the house (or keep a spare pair in your purse!) or prepare yourself for the embarrassing call from school

"Um...... Mrs. X, did you know that your child is not wearing any underwear today?"

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Clean Your Carpets Like a Pro with the Hoover Max Extract 60 (Review)

Clean Your Carpets Like a Pro with the Hoover Max Extract® 60 Pressure Pro™ Carpet Deep Cleaner

First let me start off apologizing for the before photos you are about to see.  My carpets are terrible, they are 15+ years old and have been through countless family gatherings, multiple dogs (including my new puppy) and a toddler that can not seem to keep her food on her plate (the puppy does not seem to mind this!).  We (and by we I mean my husband) vacuum on a regular basis, it is one of his "things".  It is not that we keep a dirty house, the carpet is just too light of a color to have dogs, kids and family gatherings and not expect it to get stained.  Eventually we will replace it, I am dreaming of hardwood flooring, but not until both the puppy and the toddler are grown.

I have had at least 2 full size residential carpet cleaners in the past and have not really been fond of any of them. I have found that they leave so much water on/in the carpet that it attracts more dirt and the stains come back with vengeance since the drying time was so long that it wasn't feasible not to walk on it while wet.  

Max Extract 60 Assembly:
As my husband will attest, I am assembly challenged.  I put the handle bars on backwards and wheels on the wrong side when assembling my daughters PlasmaCar.  So I was hesitant to open the Hoover Max Extract 60 box when it arrives (or when my husband was watching) so I waited until the weekend and opened it Saturday morning while he was sleeping in.  I was ecstatic to see that the assembly was one screw to attach the handle, clicking the two water tanks in place and winding up the hose and cord.  It was a breeze and took less than 5 minutes.

Max Extract 60 Operation:
Using the Hoover Max Extract 60 is almost as easy as the assembly, put cleaning solution in compartment that is clearly marked (add water if using 2x concentrate), fill clean water tank, plug in and GO!!!.  

I chose 2 high traffic areas to focus on for this test run.  

Area 1: In front of Doll House



The area in front of my daughter's doll house is high traffic for many reason: 1. We keep her toys in the main living area not her room. 2. She plays with her doll house on a very regular basis. 3. The location is on the direct path from the garage to the living room (we enter our house through the garage). 

As you can see in the before photo there are a number of dark stains, the after photo is after just a couple passes with the Max Extract 60 Pro.  You can still see the water trail of my first couple passes.  Notice that the large dark stains are considerably lighter, they faded even more by the time I finished my test run.

Area 2: Living room near puppy crate: 

The area near the puppy crate is especially stained.  I can't blame it all on the puppy since we have only had her 6 weeks.  The area we placed her crate in is right in front of the fireplace in the living room so it is a main point of entertainment during family gatherings and it high traffic when we use the woodstove in the winter.

As you can see, the Hoover Max Extract 60 did a fantastic job lifting the dirt and stains from the carpet.
They have all but disappeared, leaving a nice clean spot on the carpet in the middle of the room.

 I am going to have to clean the rest of the carpet
now so that it doesn't look worse with two nice clean spots but that will be simple with the Hoover Max Extract 60 Pro Pressure.

 The two test areas took me only a few minutes, you have to go over the area with a few passes for maximum cleanness but let me tell you, it is totally worth it to be rid of all those stains.  

The only downfall to the awesome capability of the Hover Max Extract 60 is that now my husband thinks the carpet has many more years of life left in is and it wavering on the idea of me needing hardwood flooring.  Oh well, you win some you lose some!

OK, now for the gross part, the extraction!  After briefly cleaning these 2 areas, look at what came out of my carpet!  
How disgusting is that? and this was after vacuuming prior to the carpet cleaning!  Clearly it has been some time since my cheapskate side allowed me to pay to have my carpets cleaned.

 About the Max Extract 60:
The new Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner is designed to thoroughly clean carpets and rugs.  Weighing in around 22 pounds, it is not the lightest household machine but it was easy to maneuver around for me.  The Hoover Max Extract 60 will set you back around $229.99 but trust me, don't skimp on a carpet cleaner, this is one of those things where you get what you pay for, making it well worth the splurge (just think of the money you will save not having to have your carpets professionally cleaned)

It features pressurized edge to edge cleaning capabilities (don't you hate that path along walls that your vacuum misses?  Not a problem with the Max Extract 60).  The scrubbing brushes (SpinScrub® 60) counter-rotate to surround carpet fibers, removing dirt from every angle (evident by the gross water photo above). The heated cleaning system is touted to get carpets dryer faster thus reducing the amount of time needed to wait before walking on cleaned areas.  I would like to see the heat system improved a little, while it did pick up a fair amount of the water, it was still a bit damp when I was completed with the two areas.  Since I did the test cleaning late at night while the kid was sleeping and the dog was outside, it had plenty of time to dry before they walked all over it so no problem there. 

Compared to other carpet cleaners that I have owned, the Hoover Max Extract did a better job pulling the water (and dirt) out of the carpet (as seen by the photo above of the extracted water, ICK!)

**Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting. I received a product to help facilitate my review, however, all opinions are 100% mine.**

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love Your Lips This Summer With the New Carmex Pomegranate Stick: Review and Giveaway

Love Your Lips This Summer With the New Carmex Pomegranate Stick: Review and Giveaway

I have an addiction to lip balms.  I have multiple open sticks strategically located all around the house, in cars, at work and in all my purses so that I am never too far away when the need hits me.

While my husband is a classic fan, I prefer the flavored varieties.

When I was given the chance to try the new Pomegranate Stick, I was beyond excited.  Carmex has been protecting lips everywhere for over 75 years and the new pomegranate stick is the perfect addition to their product line.

 To celebrate the new Carmex Pomegranate stick, I was sent a fabulous yellow Carmex beach tote filled with 6 Carmex sticks, including the new pomegranate stick.

 The past week or two in Portland we have had amazing summer weather and a few record high days (we are expecting 100+ on Thursday and Friday!).  Each of the Carmex sticks has a SPF of 15 to protect your lips from the effects of the summer sun.

My daughter is quickly developing my passion for Carmex and quickly laid claim to my recent delivery.  She grabbed one and had the pomegranate stick opened before I could even find my camera.  I have to go searching through her purses (and she has a few!) for my Carmex sticks when I want one.  She loves them as much as I do, I have the hardest time finding the pomegranate stick.  Seems every time I find it, she moves it so that she can have it for herself.

Carmex Pomegranate Stick Summer Kit Giveaway:

One Over Thirty Mommy reader will win a Carmex kit that will feature our six Carmex® sticks, each containing a SPF of 15 to protect your lips from the effects of the summer sun in a cute Carmex tote!

How to enter

Please fill out the form below
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**Disclaimer: The makers of Carmex provided the products for review. All thoughts are my own. I was not compensated nor was I obligated to publish a positive review. **

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Glass Handbags Giveaway

 Glass Handbags Review and Giveaway

For me, as a woman, there is nothing more exciting or exhilarating than owning and carrying a beautiful, luxury handbag.  I have had a long love affair with handbags and if someone had asked me which of my many bags were my favorite, I probably could not have picked just one.  But that was before I was introduced to Glass Handbags Luxury Bags.
Founded in 2010, Glass Handbags offers some of the most beautiful bags my designer, bag loving eyes have ever seen.  What makes these bags so unique is the integrated lighting system that creates not only function but an elegant style as well. The built-in panel light is there for you as soon as you open the bag. I know I have been out a million times and tried to find something in my bag where the lighting was less than desirable.  I would always get frustrated because I knew the item I was looking for was in there somewhere, I just could not see it.  I no longer have that problem with Glass Handbags. Their patent pending handbags are handmade by skilled craftsmen in three different expert areas:
Leather, Hardware and electronics.  What other handbag can say that?  
 (Even the box is gorgeous)
(Comes with Dustbag)
The first thing that struck me about this bag as I removed it from the box was it's stunning beauty and the aroma of fine leather. I could smell the leather even before I removed it from the dust bag. I imagined myself out on the town with my husband and every woman we passed being so envious of MY bag. I feel sexier and pampered when carrying a Glass Handbag. Now I know these bags are  more expensive than most bags that we would allow ourselves to buy, but don't we all deserve to be pampered once in a while? As women, mothers and wives, we usually take a back seat to all of our other responsibilities and expenses but forget sometimes that we need to feel special.  I decided that I would tell my husband that I want one of these bags for Christmas now, so that he could be saving for it. I even have my sweet talk speech all ready for him. You know our significant others want us to be happy because everyone knows if mama is happy then everyone is happy and what could make us happier than a beautiful, luxury handbag? Don't you deserve to be treated?  

The handbag I received is the Classic Black Embossed Croco Satchel It is an amazing leather bag.   It is made from Napa Leather with Tan patent leather trim. The quality of this bag is evident the second you remove it from its beautiful packaging. It came with 2 drop handles as well as a removable, adjustable shoulder strap. It has so much room inside and as I carry a lot in my bag, I love this.  It has two inside zip pockets as well as two open pockets.  It has an amazing 3 outside pockets for cells, PDA's or whatever you need.  I love that it has the protective feet on bottom as I am guilty of setting my handbags down with out thinking.  This bag is the perfect size for me at 12 and 1/2 inches wide, 9 inches high and 5 inches deep. And the most innovative feature, the integrated light system requires just 2 AAA batteries. I popped the batteries in to the power source which is hidden in a pocket and the light bar gives off a beautiful, ambient light. These bags are always shipped free!   

Right after I received this bag, my hubby took me out for a night at the casino.  I lost count of all of the women who stopped me to ask about the bag. I was more than happy to tell them all about Glass Handbags and show them the features of the bag as my hubby stood by and rolled his eyes. It made me feel like a queen that I had something that others did not, but wanted.                                 
                                  (The light inside is wicked cool)

Glass Handbags  offers handbags, evening bags and duffel bags. I guarantee you will fall in love with at least a few of them. They are also a company that gives back as a portion from every bag sold benefits the Public Education Foundation. You can find Glass Handbags at upscale boutique stores: Out Of the Closet in Hamptons, NY and at Elysee &  Co. in the Palazzo in Las Vegas, NV.   These bags have been featured in a runway show at St. Barth in the Hamptons as well as others  and have been photographed with the ladies from the 12th season of Dancing with the Stars,  Gladys Knight, Niecy Nash, Susan Lucci and more.I may not be carrying my bag down a runway but I feel just as swanky carrying it everywhere I go.  There is just something about owning a luxury item that brings out the runway model walk in all of us.  Come on, admit it, when you wear a designer piece it puts a little swagger in the step.    

Sign up with your email address for an exclusive list and special offers.  You can also like Glass Handbags on Facebook and follow them on Twitter  to keep updated on the latest news and products.   
Now for the Amazing giveaway opportunity that Glass Handbags is offering for my readers. One lucky lady will win one of the amazing, luxury handbags for themselves.  The winner will receive the Classic Black Embossed Croco Satchel  valued at $625.  This bag is absolutely stunning. 
 This bag's features:
  • Black croc finished leather with brown patent leather trim.
  • Double top handles and adjustable, removable shoulder strap
  • Magnet and zip closure
  • 2 inside zip and 2 inside open pockets
  • 3 outside pockets
  • Protective metal feet
  • Integrated lighting system
  • Measures 12 and 1/2 X 9X5
Entry is easy, just follow the rafflecopter form below.   Good luck to everyone!
This is a group giveaway hosted by couponfreestuff . Participating blogs:
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 Giveaway is open to US residents and all entries will be verified.  This giveaway is not affiliated with any social media sites. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.  Remember to check your spam folders just in case as you would not want to miss out if you are chosen the winner. Couponfreestuff is not responsible for prizes not shipped by sponsor. I received a handbag for review but my opinions are my own and I only recommend products that I use myself or believe would benefit my readers.

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YumEarth Organics Candy Giveaway

Candy, Candy Candy! Who doesn't love Candy! But have you tried organic candy? What would you do if you could have some delicious all-natural candy right at your doorstep? Introducing YumEarth!

 YumEarth is a brand of candy produced by YummyEarth. Everything YummyEarth makes is certified organic or all natural, gluten-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, and has no chemical colors, artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup. This is why they are the #1 organic company in America! The company was founded by two dads to share healthier treats with their kids and are proud to share that each serving provides 100% of daily vitamin C. It has been called “The Best Lollipop I've ever tasted” by Today Show Food Editor Phil Lempert, YumEarth Organics Lollipops come in eight mouthwatering flavors: Very Very Cherry, Too Berry Blueberry, Strawberry Smash, Sour Apple Tart, Pomegranate Pucker, Razzmatazz Berry, Mango Tango and Wet-Face Watermelon. Featured as the “Snack of the Day” on the Rachael Ray Show, YumEarth Organics Gummy Bears have the quintessential texture of a traditional gummy bear with unique mouthwatering flavors: Pomegranate

Pucker, Strawberry Smash and Sour Apple Tart. YumEarth Candy is now available at Target! That's right, you have the option of buying the candy online or at your local store! Check this list to see YumEarth Candy is available at a Target near you. To celebrate the release of YumEarth Candy at Target, YummyEarth is sponsoring a giveaway of a YEAR'S WORTH OF CANDY to one lucky winner! Enter on the rafflecopter form below! This giveaway is open to the US only. You are entering to 12 bags of YUMEARTH ORGANICS LOLLIPOPS and 12 bags of GUMMY BEARS. Must be 18+ to enter. Giveaway closes on August 24 at 11:59pm est. Only one person per household/IP address may enter. You only need to enter the giveaway on one of our blogs. Good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

RECALL: 1.3 Million GE Dishwashers

GE Recalls Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard

GE has received 15 reports of dishwasher heating element failures, including seven reports of fires, three of which caused extensive property damage. No injuries have been reported.

Recall includes about 1.3 million units in the United States.

Units can experience an electrical failure in the dishwasher's heating element that can pose a fire hazard.
This recall involves GE, GE Adora, GE Eterna, GE Profile and Hotpoint brand dishwashers. They were sold in black, white, bisque, stainless steel and CleanSteel™ exterior colors and finishes.

The model and serial numbers can be found on a metallic plate located on the left tub wall visible when the door is opened. Model and serial numbers will start with one of the following sequences:
Brand Model Number Begins With: Serial Number Begins With:
GE Adora
GE Eterna
GE Profile
GLC4, GLD4, GLD5, GLD6, GSD61,
GSD62,GSD63, GSD66, GSD67,
Hotpoint HLD4

Appliances were sold at Appliance dealers, authorized builder distributors and other stores nationwide from March 2006 through August 2009 for between $350 and $850.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled dishwashers, disconnect the electric supply by shutting off the fuse or circuit breaker controlling it and inform all users of the dishwasher about the risk of fire. For all dishwashers, contact GE for a free in-home repair or to receive a GE rebate of $75 towards the purchase of a new GE front-control plastic tub dishwasher, or a rebate of $100 towards the purchase of a new GE front-control stainless tub dishwasher or GE Profile top control dishwasher. Consumers should not return the recalled dishwashers to the retailer where they purchased as retailers are not prepared to take the units back.

For additional information, contact GE toll-free at (866) 918-8760 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s website at

Location of model and serial numbers

GE Dishwasher
GE Profile Dishwasher


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Bloggers Wanted - LoveSac Chaise Sectional Event!

Sponsored by LoveSac & hosted by Mom to Bed by 8

Prize: Four Cushion Chaise Sectional with Chocolate Rhinoplush Covers {RV$3,260}
The event dates: 9/10 - 10/1
Free Event ~ Sign-Up Here - LoveSac Event Bloggers Wanted

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HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE #smores or #CampBondfire

Making Memories with 
#smores or #CampBondfire

Growing up, the only summer vacation we ever took was our annual two week camping trip close to Crater Lake in Oregon.  We went to the same campground and most years ended up in the same site (it was a favorite!).  Aside from our unofficial fishing competitions to see who could catch the most/largest fish, one of my most fond memories of these family trips was the evening S'mores.  It was a contest to see who could get their marshmallow roasted to perfection, who could make the S'more the best, and who could eat the most (see a pattern here, we were a little on the competitive side).
Getting Ready!
It has been many years since I have gone camping and I missed it, no phones, not TV and no work.  Just relaxation, hiking and quality time with the family.  This year my husband and I (mostly him) decided to get a camper and start taking our daughter camping.   

On our maiden camping voyage, I was excited to introduce my daughter to S'mores since they have great memories for me.  She of course started begging to make them the moment we arrived but we had to wait for at least dusk (tradition).  When the time was right, we sat around the campfire and her and I roasted her marshmallow together then I added the Hershey's chocolate and graham cracker.  She gobbled it down so I asked her how it was and if she wanted another.  Her remarks were typical, Wiggle comments. The conversation went something like this
Enjoying S'mores with Daddy and Uncle G.
Wiggle: Is it hot
Me: not too hot, just warm
Wiggle: (chomp, chew, chomp, chew, mmm, chomp, chew, finger licking slurps)
Me:  how was it?
Wiggle:  mmm good
Me: Would you like another?
Wiggle: Yes, but this one can I have no marshmallow and no cracker?
Me: Wouldn't that just be a candy bar?
Wiggle: YES!  That is the kind I like
Me: That is not a S'mores then.
Wiggle: yeah! but just the chocolate part
Me: OK, whatever, we are camping.  Have at the Hershey bars!
Wiggle: Woooo! (chomp, chew, chomp, chew, mmm, chomp, chew, finger licking slurps) 
 Double Fisting it!!!
Since that maiden S'mores experience we have had many more weekend camping trips ending each night with our traditional S'mores.  It has been a wonderful summer, one that I will never forget.  I look forward to many more camping trips before the season is over and more for years to come. 

We invited my husband's brother along on one of our recent camping events and Wiggle enjoyed some HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE moments with her uncle G.

Now I just need a backyard fire pit so that I can make HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE memories any time I want to!


National S’mores Week (and National S’mores Day is Friday, August 10). To celebrate, we have a Twitter party scheduled for Tuesday, August 7, at 2-3 p.m. ET (hashtag #Smores) - Here’s a link to the Twitter party Twtvite, where you can see information about the prizes and more detail about the party and RSVP to attend:

Hershey’s is hosting CAMP BONDFIRE on their Facebook page throughout the summer. Now through September 7, S’mores fans nationwide can visit CAMP BONDFIRE at the Hershey’s Facebook page , A virtual summer camp where YOU will be able to spend the summer inspiring and teaching kids about how to build “bond-fires” and gather around them with loved ones – so you can make Hershey's S’mores that last for seconds and memories that last a lifetime. You can also visit CAMP BONDFIRE for weekly tips, stories and activities focused on a variety of themes.  You can join the fun by registering to be a “Camper of the Week” for a chance to win outdoor prizes like a backyard fire pit. Capture their own memories and share their photos in the Fireside Memory Book at CAMP BONDFIRE. 

While on the Hershey’s Facebook page S’Mores lovers will be happy to find a printable $1 off coupon towards their next purchase of two packages of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars.

**This post is part of my participation in the HERSHEY’S CAMP BONDFIRE campaign. All opinions expressed are mine. **

Sunday, August 5, 2012

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