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How to Keep the Kids Entertained While Outdoors

How to Keep the Kids Entertained While Outdoors

You really should encourage your children to play outside, even if it is raining.  Not only is the fresh air good for them they should get plenty of Vitamin D, which they get from sunlight, which can help stop from them from getting sick.  During summer when it is really hot make sure they have somewhere shaded to play, and even on rainy days there is a retractable awning that they can shelter under.  Finish off your outdoor area with some attractive stone tiles.

Riding Bikes

If you have a large enough garden you can make a track that your children can ride around and even make a jump out of dirt, boys in particular will love this.  Kids are happy to ride their bikes anywhere and if you live in a quiet street or court then they can ride out the front of the house.  Make sure they wear their helmet.

Sand Pit

Sand pits are great to play in outdoors and young children especially enjoy getting covered in sand.  Give them buckets and spades to make sand castles and also encourage them to make roads where they can drive their toy cars and trucks.  During summer add a bit of water.

Finger Painting

Children love getting dirty and finger painting is a great way of doing this as well as being creative.  You can buy child size easels and then you can peg up some large pieces of butchers paper for them to paint on. Give them water based paint which is easy to wash off and it is also non toxic.  They will also need an art smock or an oversized shirt to keep their clothes clean.


Teach your children about where their food comes from by planting a vegetable garden.  You don't need to have a big garden or dig a large plot for your children to have fun.  You can plant a few tomato plants, some corn which grows tall quickly and other things like zucchini, pumpkin and carrots.  They can also plant colourful flowers or bulbs before spring which product a gorgeous array of flowers.

Water Play

Set your kids up with buckets and saucepans full of water or you can buy specific water play tables that will hold both water and sand and come with lots of fun gadgets and toys to keep kids amused.  Toddlers enjoy playing with water but make sure that you always supervise children when they are around water.

Blowing Bubbles

This is a good activity for younger children, although you may have to blow the bubbles for them.  Toddlers will love chasing them and watching them float away, as well as trying to pop them.  If you have older children get them to blow them for the little ones.  You can buy bubble mixture otherwise you can make it from dish washing detergent. 

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