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Planning A Perfect Baptism For Your Child

Planning A Perfect Baptism For Your Child

If you are religious you have probably thought about if you will get your baby baptized. It can be a very important day in your new family's life and is definitely something to celebrate should you choose to do it. Even some non-religious families are now choosing to have a simple naming day ceremony. So no mater what category you fall in here are some simple tips to have the big day for your little one go off without a hitch.

First off you will need to get in touch your church's minister or preacher. They can be a great asset for this and in some cases can plan the whole thing for you. They will let you know about how the prefer the ceremony to go and what will happen. The meeting with them won't take very long, so schedule one at least a few weeks before you want the ceremony to occur.

Next you will need to decide when the baptism takes place. Some families prefer to have it be a private occasion after the regular Sunday church service. At these private events they might invite a few close family members, but other than that you will have the whole place to yourself. You can also have the christening as part of the regular church service. If you want to make the event public and have the whole congregation welcome your baby this can be a good option too. There is no wrong choice here - whatever works for you is good.

After the christening ceremony it is a common tradition to have a small party. At this party you should invite family and friends to celebrate the occasion. How many people you invite is up to you. Just remember to not over-exert yourself - you will need to be their host as well as keeping the little guest of honor well rested and happy.

If you decide to have the christening celebration at your house you might want to have people after your baby has taken a nap. Or, you can have the party at the church's event hall for a very modest fee. Plus, if they host it, they will frequently clean up the place afterwards. That's just one less thing to worry about, and with all the plates moms have to juggle it can be a real convenience.

Last, after the party is over, it's time to go home. Any leftover christening cake or party favors are yours to keep (or donate to the church if you're so inclined). In a nice gesture and show of appreciation to the guests who came, some people choose to send a tasteful thank you card but sign it as your baby. It's very cute and shows how your whole family appreciates the time and effort they put in.

So if you are considering getting your baby baptized, just follow these simple steps. Start by contacting your local minister to get the ball rolling. From there you will find the whole thing very easy.

Carol Richards is a mom of two who works at a store selling christening gifts. She loves chocolate and reading.



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