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Golden Girls

Golden Girls
Author: Dorsey Velasquez

One of those shows that you can just sit down and watch at any time of the day and with anyone of any age is Golden Girls. I used to watch this show with my grandmother when it was running in its original time slot and not in syndication. I have such great memories of sitting beside my grandmother on the couch, both of us eating a bowl of cereal before we would head off to bed and watching Golden Girls together. It was kind of our nighttime ritual when I spent the night at her house. The show had some of the most amazing women on it and one of those is Betty White. Betty was much younger when they filmed that show but after they stopped making new episodes she went on to become even more famous than her two counterparts. I have seen Betty as main characters in movies as well as her starring on Saturday Night Live not too long ago. What can’t this woman do? Check out to find out which package you need to be able to watch Golden Girls.

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Review: Baby Brezza

When my daughter was born 3 years ago (I can not believe my baby is 3 already), my husband and I decided that when she was ready for real food, we would feed her as much organic and homemade food as we could.  

I spent countless hours in the kitchen cooking, steaming, blending and mashing up foods so that I could prepare her meals and stock up the freezer with foods for her.

I sure wish I had something like the Baby Brezza when I was making food for my daughter but Baby Brezza did give me the opportunity to present my sister with the One Step Baby Food Maker for her new bundle of joy.  She is really looking forward to being able to easily prepare foods for him when the time comes.

The Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker allows parents to create fresh homemade baby food in a matter of minutes. When you make your own baby food you know for sure what ingredients are in the purees and you can make unique recipes that aren't available in canned baby foods.

About the One Step Food Maker
This patented, multi-functional baby food maker allows you to steam
and blend fruits, vegetables, meats and fish all in one bowl quickly
and easily. In as little as fifteen minutes, you can have a healthful,
nutritious and delicious meal ready for your baby – and the
satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself!

The Baby Brezza OneStep Baby Food Maker is:
• Easy to use! Just add your ingredients and set your steam
time, and the machine will do the rest
• Safe – one bowl design means you don’t have to transfer
hot foods to another bowl or blender in the middle of your
cooking process
• Easy to clean – bowl and blade are dishwasher safe
• BPA/Phthalate Free

**Disclosure: I received the feature product from Baby Brezza. However, the opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.**

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Limit Kids’ “Screen Time” and Restore their Health

Limit Kids’ “Screen Time” and Restore their Health

This year, obesity will pass cigarette smoking as the #1 preventable cause of death in the United States, and children now are almost as frequently obese as their parents. The leading villains in this epidemic: television and video games. Pediatricians and psychologists urge parents, “Kids have got to get their butts off the couch and get outside to play. Not optional. Required.”
Barney, Purple Dinosaur (Nightmare)
Gerri Minshall, Australian child development specialist and fierce advocate for good old-fashioned outdoor play, characterizes excessive screen time as a triple threat for obesity: ''You're more likely to eat in front of the TV, you're exposed to greater food marketing, and you're not moving for a long period of time,'' she says. ''Nothing else is as easy to do for three or four hours.'' Minshall also notes the prevalence of food-related content in child-oriented programs, and she stresses manufacturers of salty, sugary, and fatty snack foods dominate advertisers on kids’ programs. She and her colleagues blame television and video games for frightening spikes in early onset of cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, and depression.

In Australia, the average school-age child watches approximately three hours of television each day; in the United States, the number more than doubles to 6.8 hours. In many cases, children spend more time in front of television screens and computer monitors than they spend in classrooms. “Remember when kids played outdoors until long after dark?” Cheryl Lynn Morell, MD, pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, asks rhetorically. “Recent studies show the average American school-age child plays outdoors less than three hours per week.” Dr. Morell draws a sharp contrast, “In other words, a child plays outdoors in a week less than half the time he watches television in a day.” Expressing the contrast more dramatically, Dr. Morell specifies, “The average kid spends less than 1% of his free time playing outdoors. Less than 1%,” she repeats.

Minimize health risks. Maximize benefits of play.
Of course, parents play crucial roles in determining and regulating children’s viewing habits, and child development experts have identified best practices for parents who want to assure their children do not develop “square eyes.”

• Set and enforce strict viewing rules. In order to minimize friction, parents sit down with their children and make lists of their favorite programs including the days and times they air. Then, they pare-down the lists to the kids’ very-very favorites, shrinking the viewing schedule to no more than two hours per day. Parents mandate their children must watch these programs in the living room or family room, where they can supervise viewing; and they stipulate that children cannot eat while they watch television. Once the list is complete, negotiations are over; no changes or substitutions, and no whining.

iphone• Cellphones are hazardous to teens’ health. Whether or not they pose radiation risks, cellphones pose obesity risks almost as serious as television and video games. The first controlled studies of teens’ texting recently have appeared in prestigious medical and psychological journals, and the numbers stun and worry professionals. In one suburban high school, the average student exchanged more than 300 text messages per day and devoted at least four hours each day to social interaction via cellphone or computer messaging. More than half the students said they preferred texting to face-to-face communication, and several reported they had sustained boyfriend-girlfriend relationships “entirely” by text messaging. “I guess the kids developed strong thumbs,” Dr. Morrel quips, “But their bodies and brains surely suffer from lack of exercise.”

• Rediscover the great outdoors. Many parents mandate outdoor play and participation in organized youth sports during the two or three hours right after school. For four generations, statistics have demonstrated the value of participation in sports, and the numbers are now more compelling than ever. Athletes typically have higher grade-point averages than their couch-bound classmates; they also have higher graduation and college attendance rates, and they have higher self-esteem. One statistic stands-out especially clearly: Among women CEO’s in America’s 1000 largest companies, over 80% of them played high school sports. The path to the executive suite apparently leads across the playing fields.

• Set a good example. Parents who exercise have children who exercise. Concerned her swimmers were not getting enough off-season conditioning, one Ohio coach organized “mother-daughter mornings” on which her athletes and their moms walked together for an hour before school and then shared a healthy breakfast. The coach reported participants in her experiment not only improved their event times but also their grades, and the moms became ardent swim fans.

Dr. Morrell does not mince words. “Fire ‘the electronic babysitter,’ because she is making your children fat, wheezy and sad,” she declares. Smiling, the doctor shares an old trick: “My mother once spread 95 pennies around our back yard and then told my sister and me we could not come indoors until we found all one hundred of them. We quickly forgot about the pennies, but we stayed outside all day.”

Author Stephanie Sanders is a communications consultant and writes for a UK mobile phones site, offering all the latest phones and plans.

Toronto Realtor Opens Section For Mothers

Toronto Realtor Opens Section For Mothers

Heather Hadden is a young, progressive real estate agent from Toronto, Ontario, who decided to take a bit of a different approach toward typical real estate presence on the Web. While still offering listings, property market news, and neighbourhood guides, her website,, also provides something more.

The site is slowly turning into a popular portal for everybody who wants to know something about life in Toronto. Restaurant guides, a photo of the day, play reviews, and used books shops reviews are attracting crowds of Torontonians.

When one member of her marketing team became a first-time mother last year, it turned out to be a good inspiration for a brand new guide, their Guide for First-time Mothers in Toronto. If you’re a new mother and you do not know what, how, and when, or you are a newcomer and everything is new for you, this guide will help you to sail through the more daunting aspects of Toronto motherhood smoothly.

With the help of Heather’s site, you don’t have to waste time searching for health care council documents — you’d better devote that time instead to the little one!

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Review and Giveaway: Purex Crystals And Jockey Activewear Giveaway

As a Purex Insider I was given an opportunity to try and share with you two great products from Jockey and Purex.  I also was given the opportunity to give once of my readers the chance to win both of the products so keep reading!

I rarely fuss over my laundry, I like it simple and easy.  OK, to be honest (just incase hubby is reading this), I rarely ever even do my own laundry (he is so great!) but when I do, I do not want to fuss over all sorts of detergents and what not.  I want to toss it in and be done with it, moving on to something much more fun than doing laundry.  While I do want it to smell great and be soft, I hate spending the extra time on all that so more often than not, I would skip those steps.

If you have been around Over Thirty Mommy for a while, you will remember that I introduced you to Purex Crystals last year.  The are easy to use and much better for your laundry than regular fabric softeners.

The more natural way to freshen your colthes for weeks, not days. Purex Crystals are 92% natural crystals that go in at the start of the wash so they spend more time with your laundry infusing them with long-lasting freshness.
Purex Crystals do not contian oil (like most liquid fabric softeners), so it can safely be used on ALL laundry including:
  • Athletic wear (like the Jockey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra)
  • Towels
  • Children's sleepwear (without damaging the flame retardant benefits)
  • & everything else!

Jockey Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra
The Jockey® Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra:

  • moisture-wicking sports bra helps keep you cool & dry.
  • convenient key pocket so you can take your workouts anywhere!
  • reflective logo at the back
  • breathable mesh panels
  • soft bottom band for comfortable support
Fabric Content: 93% Polyester/ 7% Spandex. Lining: 94% Polyester/ 6% Spandex. Machine wash & dry.
Normally, you should not use fabric softener on performance sportswear because the oil content prevents the wicking process but with Purex Crystals, that is no longer a problem.  You can experience the softness and freshness of Purex on your athletic clothing that you enjoy so much on the rest of your laundry (not to mention that you no longer have to separate it out into its own load of laundry!)

You can print a 20% off coupon good for your next Jockey purchase by clicking on the banner below, or by visiting

Over Thirty Mommy's Thoughts
I do not like my laundry to be overly fragrant.  I do not like flowery smells on my clothing so I usually avoid most laundry additives.  One scent that I do love is anything that reminds me of my trips to Jamaica.  The smells in the Caribbean are like nothing else. My last trip was over 4 years ago, but there are certain scents that take me back and have me envisioning my days on the beach.  The Purex Crystals Tropical Splash did the trick and I found myself standing around just sniffing my clothes after my husband washed them.

The Jockey Tech Terry performance sports bra is ultra comfortable and I love the key pocket!  I always had a problem trying to find a place to hide my key, I have tried shorts pocket, sock and even tied it onto the string that you tighten your shorts with but always found it annoying (not as annoying as trying to hold it in your hand while running but still annoying).  Having a secret pocket built in to the sports bra is perfect.  The moisture wicking capabilities are great and the mesh panels help keep you cool. 

Here is your chance to win!

ONE lucky reader will win a Jockey Tech Terry sports bra and Purex Crystals!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Email management tips for the busy mom

Email management tips for the busy mom

For all the attention that online social networking and instant messaging applications have received over the last few years, email is still the most widely used component of the Internet as we know it. For business and work purposes, email is the touchstone of communications. Even social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and the ubiquitous coupon and daily deal sites all use email as their standard method of notification.

For busy moms, an email inbox folder bursting at the seams may be, at first glance, somewhat of an ego boost -all that attention! Receiving over one hundred email messages in one day is not unusual for most netizens these days, and this is something that often develops into an overwhelming and seemingly unmanageable situation. For moms who bring work home from the office, or who work at home, a busy inbox can translate into tens of thousands of messages a year.

Organization and Management Style

Before tackling an inbox overflowing with messages, it is highly recommended to decide on the approach or style to adopt and follow. The following are the most common email management styles:


Some people find it easy to deal with incoming emails by taking the “First In, First Out” (FIFO) approach. This is similar to how a receptionist or switchboard operator deals with incoming phone calls and messages. Other people call it the “Garbage In, Garbage Out” (GIGO) approach, which entails that a good portion of email correspondence can be easily dismissed. This system is ideal for people who like to prioritize and make snap decisions when reading a message. For those who choose this system, the Delete and Send buttons are their best friends.

File Folder System

Virtually all desktop and browser-based email software, including popular offerings such as Hotmail and Yahoo!, allows users to create folders and subfolders which can be labeled according to the category of emails received. This strategy takes advantage of many features found in email applications these days, such as tagging, labeling and spam filtering. This system is ideal for users who also enjoy arranging and classifying other aspects of their life, such as the kitchen, the closet and their kids' toys.

By the Rules

Many email programs allow users to set up rules that will automatically take care of filing, categorizing, labeling, tagging, archiving, and disposing of emails. This is an advantage that many desktop email software applications have over their browser-based counterparts, as the rule systems of desktop email applications tend to be more sophisticated. For moms who receive messages from social coupon networks or daily deal sites, a good rule can be to file those incoming deals in a special folder so that they can all be reviewed at once. Such a rule can be further complemented with an action to automatically delete the message after a few days, since many of these daily deals are for a very limited time.

Special Tips

After deciding on the best email management strategy and sticking to it, the following tips can help to ensure that an inbox does not end up becoming saturated and disorganized:

- Check the spam folder: Most email programs do a pretty good job at handling spam, but sometimes they can inadvertently send an important message to the Junk Mail folder. It's a good idea to glance at the From: and Subject: lines of the messages in the spam folder to rescue any valid messages.

- Don't forget about attachments: Important attachments should not be kept inside messages, they should rather be copied or downloaded and stored in a properly labeled folder.

Ian B writes for Oasys Software which specializes in mail managementsoftware.
This avoids the need to keep old messages around just because they may contain important files attached.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teach Your Child Good Financial Skills

Teach Your Child Good Financial Skills

It’s a scary world out there, and money is one of the scariest things about it at the moment. It can be natural to want to protect your children and avoid scaring with them with economic doom and gloom but you do need to prepare them for adulthood, and financial management is a big part of this.

Setting goal orientated tasks for your child to earn their allowance, or bonus pocket money, is the simplest way to make them get used to working for money. They’ll appreciate the fact that cash needs to be earned, and place a higher value on it.

Take an interest in their spending, and if they see something expensive that they want discuss with them how they can save up their allowance to pay for it. However, don’t micro-manage them. Let them make decisions and mistakes. One impulsive bad spend that leaves them impoverished for a week or two can be enough to encourage them to be more sensible in future.

Talk to them about your finances and the economy so that they gain some understanding of what adults do. (It’s important though that you don’t obsess about it in front of them or constantly remind them how much things cost, especially when it’s things you bought for them. It’s your duty to spend money on them, the child shouldn’t be made to feel guilty or neurotic.)

Children these days spend a lot of time online, and when people start internet shopping it can seem like you’re playing with fake money. Teach them safe online shopping methods by helping them to identify safe ecommerce sites (do you know how to spot a dodgy site? If not get yourself on Google for some tips). Giving them their allowance as a pre-paid voucher or card that they can use online will help them to learn that when you spend online, it is real money, but also means that they can’t overspend.

Websites like Planet Orange or The Mint are designed to help children appreciate financial management in a fun way. Encourage them to use these.

Remember – most importantly, practice what you preach. Let them see that budgeting is a normal thing to do, and also a simple thing to do. If you show that it makes you stressed or that you struggle to curb your spending you could make them stressed or doubt the benefits.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Don't Play with Matches: Kids and Fire Safety

Don't Play with Matches: Kids and Fire Safety

Probably the most important thing our mothers repeated to us at children was the old adage: "Don't play with matches." It's almost become a joke in our culture, but the fact remains that 85% of all fire-related deaths occur at home. Teaching children about home fire safety is an important task that every parent faces. There are a couple areas to stress that will leave both you and your child feeling prepared and safe when it comes to an open flame.

1. Hot things burn.
Depending on the age of your children, it could be a great idea to print out a free coloring book produced by Sesame Street (Google it!), especially the page "Hot things burn." Identifying items like a hot stove, iron, or radiator remind kids that these items are not for play and can be dangerous. Children who know to stay away from items that are hot are less likely to be burned by thinking they are a new toy or something to play with.

2. Stop, drop, and roll.
This simple three-step method is the best way to teach your children about what to do if he or she catches fire. Safety programs in schools across the United States have been teaching it for years, and it sticks in kids' minds. Get them involved by having them act out how they would put out a fire on themselves or on their sibling.

3. When smoke alarms go off, there could be a fire nearby.
Sometimes kids are so used to seeing you disconnect the fire alarm when you accidentally burn something on the stove that they forget what it's really for. Explain that if the fire or carbon monoxide alarm goes off by itself, it means that there is smoke or a fire close by. If a smoke alarm does go off, teach your child to feel any closed doors to see if it is hot before he or she opens it. Teaching about fire alarms and showing your child what sound it makes can help them feel more prepared about what to do in case of a fire.

4. Have a fire escape plan and meeting point.
Gather your family together and create a fire plan. This plan should detail the main "fire exit" to a house, a meeting place outside the house, what to do for pets who live in the house and anything else relating, such as where the fire extinguisher and megaphone is in case you need them. For example, a family plan might be to exit via the front door and meet at the mailbox, where the older brother is responsible for bringing the family dog. In another household, the plan might be to leave through the fire escape and meet at a neighbor's house. The fire escape plan should also include an alternate exit in case the first is blocked, such as through a window or back door.

There are many online resources to help teach your child about fire safety. The US Fire Administration and are excellent places to start. If you take fire safety seriously, so will your child. Keep our kids safe!

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Trop50 True Resolution

Trop50 True Resolutions - Enter the $1000 Sweepstakes

Did you make a New Year's resolution?

I did! While I do want to loses a few pounds in 2012, I made my resolution to exercise more and get back in shape.  I did not want to stress out about the numbers on the scale but rather on bettering myself and if the weight comes off while exercising, that is an added bonus.

What is your 2012 resolution?

Join in Trop50 True Resolutions to celebrate the real reasons behind New Year’s resolutions. Share your secret motivation behind your resolution and you will receive a coupon for $1 off Trop50 for yourself and 50¢ off coupons for up to 50 of your friends. And whether you submit a resolution or not, you can also enter a sweepstakes to win a $1000 gift card!

Haven't tried Tropicana Trop50 yet?  It offers fruit juice goodness with 50 percent less sugar and calories, and no artificial sweeteners.  You can use your $1 off coupon to see for yourself.

**Disclosure: I received a coupon for Trop50 for the purposes of this posting. The opinions expressed are my own.**

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Nine Secrets to Finding the Right Photographer for You and and Your Baby

Nine Secrets to Finding the Right Photographer for You and and Your Baby

If you have just had a baby, congratulations! What a wonderful time in your life! Your child is a gift and watching your baby grow is a wondrous experience, but it can seem to move way too fast. This is why it is important to consider having professional portraits done sooner rather than later. But what on Earth should you look for when considering photographers? In this day and age, there are so many to choose from and frankly a lot of their work looks the same. What are some things I should look for? Follow these helpful tips to find a great photographer:

1) Always ask about their guarantee

These aren't just snapshots. This is an artistic statement about the person most dear and precious to you… your baby. If these images are done with the right photographer who can thrill you, then what you will receive are images that your baby's grandchildren will fight over because they are so beautiful and a wonderful decades from now. These photographs are important to not just you but to other generations of family. You have a lot at stake with these images. You have a right to insist your photographer guarantee that you ADORE the portraits. Not just be satisfied or merely happy, but absolutely love the images they create for you. If not, they should be willing to give you all your money back. No hassles, no nonsense.

Most photographers WILL NOT DO THIS! Just suppose you had a portrait created, and your son or daughter didn’t look natural in it. The photograph was “ok,” but it didn’t speak to your heart in spectacular way. You should not have to pay for it! I believe strongly that no one should ever have to pay for a photograph that isn’t PERFECT.

2) Take a little extra time to educate yourself

Many people shop for photographers the same way as they may shop for a pair of shoes, a television or even a car or house. They tend to view it as a commodity in which the the only difference that matters is what they get (prints, albums, discs, etc) and for what price. But this is approach a mistake. Why? A photographer is creating a highly personalized artistic statement about your family. So there's lots to consider beyond simply price, their website galleries and the stuff you get.

Just a little effort in your research goes a long way. Just looking at prices and the portfolio of the photographer will only tell you a tiny bit about what it will be like to work with that photographer. Prices and a website do not tell you much about the photographer's patience, communication, experience, qualifications, their enthusiasm for working with you and your baby, their attention to the little details, the love and attention the photographer will put into everything you could ask of them.

As you call around talking to photographers be sure to notice if they take the time to talk with you and show an interest in your needs. Someone who values you enough to make a sincere effort to discover more about what may be important to you is the sure sign of a professional. Not all mothers and babies are the same. So if all a photographer does is email a price list at you and say… give me a call when you want to "do the pictures," that's a bad sign.

Of course for many moms price is a determining factor. As a professional photographer I know a lot of my clients have felt that same way, but you know what they have found? Even though the investment may have been a little more than they had wanted to spend they were so happy with the results, the images stole their heart the moments they found them and they were more than happy to invest just a little bit more than they expected.

3) Ask your friends

Just like most things. None of us have the luxury of becoming experts about all the many choices for us out there. Time is just way too scarce, especially when you have a new baby. People who don't have any interest other than seeing you really happy with a decision you have made are an excellent resource to find a professional. Ask around. Check to see if they have any images you like of their babies from a photographer on Facebook. What do they have to say about their photographer?

4) Look for Neatness

Interview your photographer. Go to their place of business and check out the small details. Is their studio tidy and organized? How does the photographer dress? Do they make eye contact with you when talking with you? Is there gear and equipment strewn all over the place? If it seems messy and cluttered that says something about that photographer's organization ability and attention to detail. You don't want someone who isn't structured enough to deliver on their promises. It also says something about potential safety hazards for your baby.

5) They Allow Your Own Appointment Time

A great photographer creates a great experience, not just great photography. If you want to wait in line with scores of other moms with screaming babies you can always go to a big chain department store's photography studio. But this is not a comfortable environment for your you or your baby and the comfort of mom and child is one of the secrets of creating terrific baby images. If you are tense, your baby will be tense.

Insist on having your own appointment time to help you and your baby feel relax, comfortable and confident.

6) Your Photographer Should Allow you at Least One Hour at Your Appointment

I'm sure you know, baby's are full of surprises. They may get hungry, have gas, need a diaper change, be tired or be getting sick. They also go through emotional phases such as separation anxiety. All these factors will be at work at any given session for your baby. One of the best ways to ensure you and the photographer can work with your child's moods is for the photographer to allow sufficient time for a quick nap, feeding or adjustment for the baby. This is why you should demand at least an hour for your photography session.

7) Pride in Their Work

When interviewing photographers you want to take the time to see examples of their work. Not just albums, but finished prints. When you receive your order is it just a bunch of loose prints stuffed in an envelope? Are they not even matted to a hardboard? Seek a photographer who is willing to take theme and expense to show pride in their finished work. Opening your photography order for the first time should be a joyous experience. It should feel akin to opening your utility bill. A photographer willing to go that extra mile is someone who cares about the little things.

8) Photographer Should be Willing to Help You Select Outfits

What looks cute in real life on your baby often does not look that great in a still photograph. When you see your child's photograph you want to delight in their expression, their eyes, their delicate features of the face, such a great photograph will give you chills because it is so perfect. Picking the right clothing is essential to not distracting from your child's wonderful face. Your photographer should be willing to provide guidance in selecting outfits for your child. The right clothing will have people raving over your baby's portraits (stay away from those crazy printed designs!) Just make sure you pay attention to what they say! The good ones know it makes a big difference and make it a priority to share their knowledge with you.

9) Look for Photographers A Priority of Safety and Comfort

A child safe, courteous and peaceful environment are crucial to making once-in-a-lifetime portraits for you and your family. After six months of age babies will often start developing ouchies and booboos simply because their sense of strength, balance and coordination are just starting to develop. A good photographer will build his studio and do the photography in such a way as to help your baby stay safe and comfortable. Look for your photographer to have an assistant or have a plan to enlist you as a helper to be on baby patrol and guard against potential spills and falls. A head hitting the hard floor means no more photography, an upset mommy and an even more upset baby. That's not good.

I hope these tips help you in your search for the right photographer for you and your baby. Remember, these images are not just pictures for your refrigerator or Facebook… they are family heirlooms. So consider these tips and you will be on your way to enjoying these images for a lifetime!

Chris Cummins, one of the top Kansas City photographers. He is the owner and chief photographic artist for Glow Imagery and specializes in fine portraiture of babies. His studio also specializes in weddings and family photography

Steps to Take After a Car Accident with the Kids

Steps to Take After a Car Accident with the Kids

With the winter season upon us, it is more important than ever to know the steps you should take if you are involved in an accident. If, heaven forbid, you’re children are in the car with you, there are even more things to take into consideration and that need to be done. Follow these steps if you and your children are involved in a car accident. After you have called emergency services:

1. Check For Injuries
If you are uninjured or have sustained only minor injuries and it is safe for you to do so, check on the status of your children. While it is absolutely normal to panic at the sight of injury, remember that, if your children are injured, it may be dangerous to move them. In the event of major injury, leave your children strapped into their car or booster seats until medical help arrives.

Photo credit:  Car accident by daveynin/flickr

2. Stay Calm
Panic and anxiety are natural reactions to a car accident. If necessary, take a moment, breathe and calm yourself down. The calmer you are, the calmer your children will be. Reassure them that everything is okay and, most importantly, that you are okay. The sounds, sights and even smells associated with a car accident can be frightening. Keep your children as calm as you can.

3. Gather Information
If it is safe to do so, check on the status of the occupants of the other vehicle. If everyone is okay, now is the time to exchange information. Be sure to gather names, phone numbers and insurance information from the driver and any witnesses to the accident.

4. Take Pictures
If you don’t have a camera available, that’s okay. Take a few pictures with your cell phone and document any damage that was sustained in the accident. If your children are injured, take photographs of their injuries if they will sit still enough. The pictures will be valuable when you go to file your insurance claim.

5. Contact Your Insurance Agent
After reports have been taken, medical attention has been given and you are released from the scene, contact your insurance agent; doing so while the facts of the accident are fresh in your mind will ensure that you don’t miss any important details.
6. Replace Car Seats
Many people forget to do this until they need to leave the house and can’t because they don’t have a car seat. If the seat has been damaged in any way, replace it! If your children are old enough to use booster seats and they have been damaged, replace them! Damages seats will not protect your children as they were designed to. If you are unsure if they need to be replaced, contact the seat’s manufacturer. They will be happy to tell you if they are damaged enough to warrant replacement.

Photo credit: Ready To Go! by Joe Schlabotnik/flickr

There is no doubt that car accidents are not only stressful but downright scary. By following these steps, you’ll not only reduce the stress for yourself but for your children as well.

Author Stephen Anderson is an insurance consultant who strongly suggests that you search online for Car Insurance Compare quotes to get the best price possible. Cheap Texas Car Insurance Quotes are one example of the comparisons available.

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