Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas

The word “Halloween” usually conjures images of hyper children on sugar-highs wearing overpriced costumes which are already sporting holes and rips. Fun, right? While I can’t solve the problem caused by mass candy consumption, I’d like to offer a creative alternative to the overpriced, poorly made costumes. 

Instead of relying on the Halloween superstores for your ghoulish ensemble, look around your own house or hit the local secondhand stores first. Growing up, I remember turning an old prom dress into a gown for a princess, getting zombie-fied in a suit from Goodwill I distressed, and using an old skirt from my mom in a hippie get-up. Not only did my mom save a few bucks by avoiding the Halloween stores, she encouraged our creativity and independence.

I loved playing “designer” and creating my own Halloween costume as a kid. So when I had the opportunity to work with the team to put together a DIY Costume Ideas guide, I obviously jumped at the chance. The list of costume ideas and how-tos is a part of their new resource, Heel to Toe: A Guide to Feet. If you’re looking for costume ideas the resource has it all—from traditional, character costumes to clever, funny costume ideas for groups. Below are a few examples:

1.      School Girl:

·         Plaid or solid grey or navy skirt
·         White button-down shirt
·         Necktie
·         Knee Socks
·         Mary Jane shoes
·         Stick a pencil behind your ear and carry books with you.
  1. Baby:
·         Pajamas: Look for the full body kind that zip all the way up. If you’re really brave you could substitute a large diaper and baby t-shirt instead.
·         Hold a baby blanket, baby bottle and suck on a pacifier.
·         This costume is especially funny on tall, large older men.

3.      Sonny and Cher:

·         Sonny: Wear bell bottoms and a psychedelic button-down shirt and a jean vest. Add aviator sunglasses and wear a thick mustache or use face paint to draw one.
·         Cher: The taller of the pair (bonus funny points if this is a man), Cher wears a slim-fitting maxi dress, a long, straight black wig and lots of eye makeup.

4.      iPod:
·         Black long-sleeved t-shirt
·         Black pants
·         Paint a large piece of rectangular cardboard to match your favorite color of iPod. Paint a wheel and screen. Use elastic to create shoulder straps.
·         Wear headphones “plugged” into the top of the iPod.

5.      Wild Sports Fan:

·         Jersey
·         Shorts
·         Striped knee high socks to match jersey
·         Paint your face with your team’s colors.
·         Carry around a foam finger, pom poms, and any other fan-gear you have. Start chants and pick arguments with people over sports teams.

Maggie Voelker is a recent college graduate working as a writer in Indianapolis, IN. She loves fashion, DIY-ing, traveling and attempting to cook. Check out more of her work at the Heel to Toe: A Guide to Feet.



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