Friday, October 21, 2011

Keeping Up With The Daily Deal Craze

Keeping Up With The Daily Deal Craze

I love deals!  I hate paying retail for anything. I use coupons every chance I get.  I am a member of no less that a dozen online sample sale sites and I have gone crazy for all of the Daily deal sites that keep popping up.  One might say I have an addiction to saving money. 

Honestly, who doesn't love saving 50-90% on everything from shopping, to food, to entertainment, and even travel.

I can not count the number of daily deal sites that I follow. The number of daily emails that I get from all of these sites can be overwhelming at times.  I do not have the time to read them all to make sure I am not missing out on a great deal.  I get alot of junk mail and the 10, 15 sometimes 20  emails that I get every day from my daily deal sites is compounding the problem.  I need fewer emails coming in every day.  I need to get off of all these mailing lists but is seems when I "unsubscribe" I just get more junk mail.

Sometimes I get so tired of scouring email upon email for a great deal and I just delete all them with out opening them.  Other times I open an email, see a deal I like but want to talk to the husband about it later so I delete the email and make a mental note to check it out at home only to forget which site it was for never to see it again.  I have found a few sites like Yipit where you can see the current deals from all of the top daily deal sites in one place. 

I need a way to see all the deals in one place with just one email a day!   I am also tired of getting deal notices for things I am just not interested in.  I only want to see deals for subjects that I am interested in!  I am a busy working mother and rarely have the time or energy to hit the bar/club scene or the gym for that matter, I do not care to see the mass of daily deals for gym memberships and drinks at the local bar but I do want to see the deals for restaurants, kids items and even the occasional discounted massage in case I happen to find a rare minute to pamper myself. 

Honestly, how does one keep up with all these deals.  Is it worth ones time to try to sort through the hundreds of emails and sites to find one deal that is too good to miss?  It is if you can get them all organized in to one stop shopping and reduce the time and energy that it takes to find that great deal.



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