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Home Security Tips you Can Teach your Kids

Home Security Tips you Can Teach your Kids

Unfortunately we live in a world where security needs to be taken seriously. Our society is very security conscious and this is supported by the large quantities of security products that are sold throughout the world.
Making sure your children know basic home security tips and are aware of what to do in the case of an emergency is an area that no parent would like to think of, however, knowing that your children would know what to do in the case of an emergency can give you peace of mind. Home security tips such as who to ring in an emergency are just as important as teaching your children not to touch the hot stove or to play with the electrical points around the house. 

Preparation is an important part of prevention so take a moment to read through some home security tips that you should teach your kids.

Who you Gonna Call?
The most important security tip you can teach your kids is how to use the phone and also what number to call in the event of an emergency. There was a recent story in the papers the mother of a young boy of 6 collapsed in the hallway and the boy instinctively knew to ring the emergency services and explain the situation. It is a great example of how educating your kids can save people lives. Make sure you create a list of emergency contact numbers and place it within reach of each telephone in your house. 

2.       Knock Knock who is there?
“I shouldn’t talk to strangers” is a very popular phrase that is taught to children at a young age. You should inform your kids that this doesn’t just apply to people in public but also when in the home, for instance answering the door. Dependent on the age of your kids, they may or may not be old enough to open the door BUT those that are old enough should always remember to use the chain so that they remain safe. Make sure they ask who the person is if their face is not familiar and most importantly to never inform anyone that their parents are not in even if they are not. 

3.       Social Network Protection
Security in the home should also take into account protecting your family from threats online. More and   more young kids are taking to the internet to set up accounts on social networks and unfortunately there are many criminals who fraudulently try to befriend young children into giving up their personal details. You need to teach your children never meet anyone in person that they've communicated with online only and that they should only communicate with people they already know.

4.       Fire
Creating family plans can help kids remember what to do in the case of specific events. In the event of a fire it is always good to be prepared so that the kids know basic rules such as keep as low to the ground as possible and also the quickest and safest ways out of the home. Try and make the plan fun so that the kids are motivated to learn.

5.      Secure all Entry Points

This may seem dull but just like the fire drills you can make any chore exciting and fun for kids if you know how. You can set up a race to see who can check all windows; upstairs versus downstairs is always an event that brings a smile to a child’s face. Learning through play is a well-supported theory for educating kids and it is important for children to know just how important it is that all entry point in a home are secure. The most recent survey showed that the windows and doors of a home account for 25% and 73% of the entry point of all burglaries respectively.

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