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5 Top Family Camping Activities

5 Top Family Camping Activities

Family camping is a fun and budget-friendly way to spend quality time together, whether taking a lengthy vacation or just spending the weekend at a local campground. Family-friendly campgrounds abound in state and national parks, scenic and recreation areas, and near most towns and cities. For time-tested enjoyment, try these top 5 family camping activities, which have provided pleasure during vacations time and time again.

• Hiking. Some of the best times while camping can be found while hiking together as a family. Families can have fun just walking short trails in the woods or nature area and taking time to experience the outdoors. If you want more of a challenge, many parks and recreation areas have longer trails that are more difficult. Sometimes the best scenic views are accessed only by hiking. Check out the area ahead of time online, or talk to the campground staff to find out about nearby trails.

• Campfires. No family camping trip seems complete without a campfire. If you haven’t had childhood experience in scouting or been taught how to build a campfire, you can easily Google the topic and find out. Campfires offer great opportunities for family fun, whether it’s toasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories, or singing camp songs. The whole family can participate in building the campfire and keeping it up. Just make sure that the fire and the kids are closely supervised!

• Night-time Star Gazing. Being away from city lights is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty and awe of the night time sky. Finding constellations like the Big Dipper or the Milky Way galaxy is fun, especially if you lay on the ground on sleeping bags after dark. You might even see a shooting star! There are many online resources to help you learn the most common constellations so you can help your kids identify them.

• Exploring. From your campsite, spend time exploring the surroundings and learning about the area. Help your kids look for various kinds of birds, insects and wildlife, notice different trees and plants, and find unusual rocks and other interesting things. You could even turn it into a game by planning a scavenger hunt. Many parks offer free hand-outs or guides for nature and wildlife identification.

• Playing Games. Going on a camping trip is a great time to play games together as a family. You can bring your own games from home, or play outdoor games as you go. Outdoor games like Frisbee, flag football, and hide and seek offer an active outlet to run off energy. Younger kids enjoy games like Duck Duck Goose (great for around the campfire) or I Spy.

Whether camping in a tent, camper, or an RV, there are countless ways to make your family camping trip memorable and fun. Make the most of your trip by taking advantage of your surroundings and incorporating them into fun family activities. Taking the family on a camping trip is a great way to spend your vacation, and will build family unity and make wonderful memories.

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