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10 easy Halloween decorations to make with your kids

10 easy Halloween decorations to make with your kids

Halloween is right around the corner, and it is certainly one of the most festive seasons of the year. There aren't many holidays that lend themselves to such creative and fun decorating ideas. You can use Halloween as a way to spend more time with your children and make fun decorations for the season with them. There are several unique Halloween decorations that are available to be made and displayed by you and your children. Some of these decorations can go inside the home, some of them are better suited for the porch or patio area, and still others would look great on the lawn.

- The first idea is the classic Jack-o'-lantern. If you get some pumpkins, a small candle and a sharp knife, you and your kids can create these vintage Halloween icons. There are few more enjoyable aspects of Halloween than having the family sitting around and carving pumpkins. These cool-look Jack-o'-Lanterns can be displayed on the porch area. Be careful with the sharp knives, though, as it's easy for kids to cut themselves with them.

- Paper plate scarecrows are another interesting and enjoyable Halloween decorating project. With scissors, construction paper, acrylic paint, a paper plate and a glue stick, you can create Halloween decorations that can be put on the refrigerator or on doors of the home.

- Scary bushes offer a spooky, cool and fun decoration idea. All that you and your kids need to complete this simple project is some white bed sheets, black fabric pain and newspaper. Your bushes will scare off everyone in the neighbourhood.

- A tin can black cat can give a desk area a Halloween spark. All that is needed is a tin can, a paintbrush, black acrylic paint, felt material, scissors and a hot glue gun. The tin can black cat is something everyone in the family can make and enjoy.

- A ghost antenna buddy can provide your vehicle with a fun, festive decoration for the Halloween season. With some white craft foam, scissors, a hot glue gun and a hole puncher, your children will be able to make cool ornaments for the family car.

- Juice box mummies are a creative, inexpensive way to use old juice containers as Halloween decorations. All that needs to be done is taking the juice boxes and covering them with rice, white glue, white and black construction paper, and white medical tape.

- Lollipop ghosts are very easy creations for the whole family. Using lollipops, tissues, white yard and glue, you can dress lollipops up as ghosts and lay them around the house.

- Cardboard graveyards offer another scary, easy and fun Halloween decoration that the whole family can enjoy. Just take old appliance boxes, but them in the shape of tombstones, and paint "R.I.P" on them. Then, place them in your yard to create a spooky Halloween effect.

- Simple cut out construction paper designs can be great indoor decorations. paper pumpkins, bats, vampires and witches make great, traditional decorations that everyone can make.

- Balloon ghosts are another cool, crazy Halloween decoration that the kids can partake in. Just blow up some balloons, place white material over them, and draw faces on them with black markers.

Halloween can be a fun, creative time for everyone in the home. Kids and adults alike can create these easy Halloween decorations, and everyone will enjoy Halloween more because of them. These ten Halloween decorations will make your house flair with Halloween spirit.

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