Friday, October 29, 2010

Moving Up To A Big Girl Bed

I am torn, should I be happy that she is out of a crib or sad that she is growing up so fast.  I can not hardly believe that she will be two in less than three months.  Where did the time go?

I have so enjoyed being a stay at home mom these past three months but I bet my husband is ready for me to go back to work so that I will stop doing projects around the house.

My latest project was transitioning my daughters room into more of a big girl room now that she is in a big girl bed. 

At the beginning of July she moved out of her crib and into a twin bed that we had in her room for nights I had to sleep in there.  This bed was an old bed that I had growing up and it was in need of replacing so when we went to get ourselves a new bed, I ordered her a full size bed.  I could have gone with a twin, it would have been fine (I survived on a twin) but she is a crazy sleeper and I wanted a bed that would fit her for a long time. 

Now that she has a new bed, I needed bedding and a headboard to fit the larger size.  For her twin bed we had a bookshelf type headboard and since she is a spaz when she sleeps, she bonked her head on it more than once.  For this reason, I decided to look at upholstered headboards.  There are so many cute upholstered headboards out there and I thought it would be the perfect way to protect her little head.  They are soft, padded (for the accidental bonking or when she jumps on the bed and bounces into it) and do not take up too much space if your room size is limited (because you picked out such a huge bed!)

Since she is such a huge fan of Dora, I went with a Dora pattern and she absolutely loved it.  My husband and I installed it and then let her see it.  She got so excited and climbed up on her bed and kissed it.  It was the cutest thing ever. 

*** Stay tuned, I have been selected as a CSN preferred blogger and will be writing reviews and/or hosting giveaways for them hopefully monthly ***

*Disclaimer: I wrote this post in anticipation of an upcoming review post for CSN Stores.*


Anonymous said...

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- Lucas

Anonymous said...

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Melanie said...

Love the bed.. I know how hard it is for the little ones to move up.. or wait, it's us mom's that have a hard time... congrats to the BIG girl, mine moved up a few weeks ago, too...Love the bed :-)


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