Monday, October 25, 2010

Potty Training Days 3 and 4 (weekend one)

OK, this potty training is harder than I thought (much like everything else mom related that I have experienced so far)

Day 3
7:30 AM - Day three here we come, Into our first pair of panties of the day
8:17 AM - "PEEB" she exclaims and I go running but alas, I am too late.  To the bathroom we go to sit on the potty
8:25 AM - "PEEB" she shouts again for the second time in less than 10 minutes.  Sure enough by the time I get to her she is already wet.
8:30 AM - Looks like we are almost out of panties so I put a load in the wash.
8:34 - "PEEB" she exclaims again, she is not wet yet so we rush out of the office but she pauses when she gets in the bathroom and whoosh. Holy  cow, how can someone so small pee that much!  The bathroom rug is soaked through and she is drenched.  I strip her down and hose her off in the tub (she thinks it is a ton of fun!)  Too bad I started the laundry 5 minutes ago!
9:00 AM - She insists on taking a bath today (loves bubbles) and then we head for the shower to actually get clean.
9:45 AM - Into a fresh pair of panties
10:16 AM - We are folding laundry in her room when I notice she is wet (did not tell me) so we change into new panties.
10:45 AM - We take a potty break before nap time but after reading Clifford Puppy Days 6 times and 15minutes, nothing.  I put on her waterproof panty cover and into bed she goes.  Wow those things are noisy, how can anyone sleep in those?
12:15 PM - Up from her nap while I was out in the garden. 
12:30 PM - Putting stuff away in her room when she runs up to me dripping.  There was liquid (pretty sure it was peeb!) just running down her legs, so much for waterproof underpants but then again, I do not think she got checked or changed when she got up from her nap.  Of course she jumps on me before I notice her dripping so my leg is soaked.  I go to strip off the plastic cover and it is overflowing, I should have worn a rain coat, my shirt was splashed as the cover slopped off her feet.  Stripped down and into shower we go for the third time today.  Then my new best friend Little Green comes out for the first time today to clean up the massive puddle on her bedroom floor. 
1:55 PM - Pause for potty break, panties a little damp (not enough to wet pants) so we put on a fresh pair.  Again no luck on the potty this time.
2:35 PM - "PEEB!!!" she shouts, my husband and I both run and rush her to the potty but we are both too late and she is soaked and heads off for shower number 4.  I am beginning to think she is peebing herself on purpose so I will put her in the tub for a hose off.  Little Green Machine comes out for the second time today.
3:00 PM - Into a pull up for nap time
5:45 PM - Well, I guess pull-ups are not meant to sleep in because she is soaked through on the side she was laying on.  Had to change all of her clothes and wash the comforter. Into a new pair of panties.
7:00 PM - she told me she wanted her monkey to go potty so I told her to put him on her little potty and then put her on the big potty to show him how to pee in the potty.  It took a few minuted but YIPPEE, she peed on the potty.
7:30 PM - #2 in training panties (always fun!)
7:48 PM - No exclamation of needing to potty but peed all over the floor (thank goodness it was tile and mopped up easily) near the back door.  Off  to the shower again while dad mops the floor.  Off to bed in a night time diaper.

Day 4
I was a failure at potty training today.  We had so many errands to do and I did not think she was ready for outings in a trainer so we just used diapers and pull-ups today.



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