Friday, October 22, 2010

Potty Training: Day Two

Day Two:

Well it was not much of a day two since Wiggle Bean spent most of the day away from home, but here is how the went.

7:20AM - Up for the day (it was nice sleeping in a bit, since we were up for over an hour in the middle of the night)  We were busy playing with puzzles this morning so she just wore diapers until we showered.
9:00 AM - into our first pair of trainers for the day
9:37 AM - Changed into a pair of pull-ups since we have story time at the local library and we are not ready
                  for training pants outside the house yet.
12:25 PM - Into another pull-up since Wiggle Bean was invited to spend some time at her BFF's today. 
3:30 PM - Wiggle is still at her friends but I decided that after having to do two loads of laundry yesterday, I 
                 would go buy a couple more packs of the training underpants.
5:25 PM - Got Wiggle home from her friends place so we got into our training pants.
5:28 PM - Wiggle exclaims "PEEB", husband jumps up and I rush in and swoop her off to the bathroom.  It
                 was a big one, pee everywhere.  Down the legs, soaking the socks, and a huge puddle on the
                 carpet in front of the couch .
5:30 PM - After sitting on the potty, Wiggle is hosed off in the tub and a new pair of trainers are put on.
6:39 PM - Finished dinner so I decided to take her to the potty.  We sat and read our Clifford book (her
                 favorite potty time book)SUCCESS!!!!  She went pee on the potty!!!!!!  We all cheered and
                 praised her.  She got her Dora sticker and potty treat (mini M&M's)
7:51 PM - Time for bed, went to change her into her night time diaper (not sure she is ready for trainers at night yet).  But the phone rang so I went to get it.  By the time I came back my husband told me that she peed and pooped in her trainer.  So I usher her off to the bathroom to clean her up and get her in her night time diaper. 

End of day two

I think that even though we did not get a full day of training in, we did make progress from yesterday, hopefully tomorrow will be even more successful



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