Thursday, October 21, 2010

Potty Training: A Journal of Our Trials

For some time now Wiggle Bean has been showing signs of being ready to start official potty training.  We tried some early training way back when she was around 9 months but it was kept up since I was working and her daycare at the time was not interested in working with us on early potty training. 

I decided recently that now that I am home with her all day, I can focus on real potty training.  I read about all kinds of methods online and in magazines but was not sure what would work best for us.  I guess I will start at the top and try them all if I have to.  I also read that the pull up type of diapers are counter productive and can delay the process so we are

I went to the store and purchased a couple packs of training pants, plastic night time underwear, and a highly absorbant mattress pad.

I let hew wear a pair of the training pants a couple days ago and what happened, yep your guessed it, she peed on me.

We had a couple busy days planned for this week so I thought I would start full on training Thursday.  We will see how it goes and how much I have to spend on laundry and carpet cleaning.

Stay tuned for updates!



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