Thursday, October 21, 2010

Potty Training: Day One

As I posted earlier, we are officially starting potty training and today was day one.

We have been practicing knowing where to go potty, if you ask where do do you pee or poo, she replies "in the toilet"

I think that I better buy stock in a carpet cleaning business or a high quality carpet cleaner.  I am not sure the one I have can handle all the extra work.

Here is how day 1 went:
8:15 AM after our morning shower we decided to put on our first pair of training pants
8:30 AM running around my bedroom with her princess minnie ears she exclaims "I peebd (peed)".  What?  where?  so I ask where and she responds "over there on the floor"  sure enough the carpet is wet so we go into the bathroom, slop off the wet panties and sit on the potty.
 After a quick rinse off, on goes the second pair of training pants and out comes the Little Green cleaner  for the first time for the day.  Love my Little Green!

8:50AM "Wet, potty, potty"  So off we go but it appears too late.  She told me after she went pee pee.
9:25 repeat of 8:50
9:30 put one of those plastic night diapers on her for nap time
11:00 up from nap and exclaims "WET" when she finds me on the couch.
11:20 "mom potty", off we go but she is already wet again
11:45 "peeb", yep you guessed it already wet.
11:50 starting first load of wash to include every pair of training pants we have, a few pairs of her pants and 
          one of mine.
12:15 Had to put on a diaper since everything is in the wash and yep she peed the pair she was wearing
12:30 - 5:30: more of the same.  wow busy day!
5:45 ROFL  I am making dinner when husband exclaims that she said she needed to potty but then she sat   
        on him and he realized she was already wet.  He changed clothes and I changed Wiggle.
5:45 - 6:30 she went through a training pant every 10 minutes, they were small amounts of wetness but she
        still peed every 10 minutes.  Out of training pants again so she gets a diaper and I start laundry for a  
        second time.

So all in all we went through 16 training pants and 2 diapers for the day.  Not sure it was a what you would call a successful first day of potty training but she did tell me she had to pee within seconds of wetting herself so I guess that is something.


If you have any great potty training tips, I would love to hear them! 

Laundry done, day two here we come!


Traci Fritz said...

I just potty trained my little guy in August. Our first day was a lot like yours, but by the end of day 3 he had basically gotten it. Hang in there! I read a book about potty training in 3 days. I thought it was impossible, but it actually worked pretty well. Best of luck to you both!

Kristin said...

Hi! Following you from Cha Ching Queen link-up!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin

P.S. Good luck!!


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