Thursday, October 28, 2010

Potty Training Day 6

If you are following along and wondering where day 5 is, I have to admit that I did not do any training on Monday.  I know i probably set us back but we were so busy running errands and were not home much of the day at all.

Day 6
6:35 AM - Up and into our first pair of training panties for the day
7:22 AM - "I Peebed the floor"  Oh Great!  I whisk her off to the bathroom but it is too late.  We freshen up and I check the floor, no harm done.
8:30 AM - I notice that she is wet but she did not let me know so we change panties.
8:48 AM - I thought she might need a potty break so we stop playing and off we go.  Two times through her Clifford book and 10 minutes later, nothing.
8:59 AM - I am in the kitchen and she goes running into the laundry room shouts "PEEB" and starts running towards the bathroom.  I got a little excited that we might be making progress in the potty training department.  That excitement quickly turned to disappointment (not with her, with my training ability) when I noticed that she left a puddle in the laundry room and a trail all the way through the kitchen, around the corner in the living room, down the hall way to the bathroom and on the floor mat in the bathroom.  I guess today the Little Green is not my only friend, my new best friend today is my Hoover FloorMate. I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning her up and cleaning all my floors.

9:20 AM - We are sitting in the living room at the coffee table playing puzzles when she says "Poopy Nugget"  so I ask her if she needs to go poopy, she says "yes" so I get up from my side and go around the table to get her when I see IT,  OH NO!!!  She did not need to go poopy, she already did and it was no nugget.  WHat a mess but the sliver lining is that it did not get on the carpet.  There was a huge plop on her step stool.  Apparently she pooped while sitting and it had no where to go but up the back and out.  OMG, it was gross but not as gross as what I saw when I got her to the potty and had to strip her training pants off.  I debated cutting them off.  Of course she had to step on her panties when I got one foot out, gross!  I set her on the potty even though I know she is done and I hose off the panties, and wash the floor.   I put her in a fresh trainer and then head back to the living room to tackle the step stool mess.  It was so gross but I made it through. 

Thank goodness that my gag reflexes have tamed down since having a child.  Before Wiggle, I couldn't watch someone on TV gag with out feeling sick, my dog threw up once and I lost it, and I did not do well with cleaning up gross stuff.  But I prevailed on the step stool stool!

BUT, if I have to do that again, I might quit potty training and let her wear diapers forever. 

9:50 AM - All showered up and into a fresh pair of trainers.
10:07 AM - Into a waterproof pantie for nap time.
12:45 PM - Up from nap time for me to find her soaked, her clothes soaked and the bed soaked.  What the heck do these waterproof pants do, they definitely do not keep the pee contained and from getting everywhere.
1:00 PM - I strip her and the bed down and start a load of laundry.
1:45 PM - She said she wanted to go potty so we head off but nothing.  I felt good that she told me she wanted to go potty even if nothing happened. 
3:09 PM - Into a fresh pair, not wet but we had chocolate pudding for snack and it ended up everywhere.
3:24 PM - She is standing on the couch when I notice that she is wet (did not tell me) so we go change.
4:45 PM - We are sitting on the couch watching our one allotted Sesame for the day when she turns to me and says "I peebed the couch".  Please say  I didn't hear what I thought I heard but I am not so lucky, I scooped her up and sure enough there is a wet circle on the couch.  Little Green, you are my BFF again!
4:55 PM - OK, we are braving our first outing in training pants.  Just a quick trip up to the grocery store for our lottery tickets and home again.  I was proud that we made it with out incident (even if it was only 15 minutes)
5:49 PM - She goes into the laundry room and starts running through the kitchen when my husband notices the river running down her legs and stops her before she can get out of the kitchen.  I grab and paper towel, wipe up the rive on her legs and carry her off to the bathroom for a hose down while hubby gets the Hoover FloorMate out to clean up the kitchen and laundry room.
6:45 PM - Time for a potty break, 10 minutes of trying and nothing.
7:00 PM - "I have to potty" but she is already wet.
7:17 PM "I have to pee" but again already wet.
7:30 PM - Into nighttime diaper for bed.

Why does it seem like she always wets herself 10 minutes after we take an unsuccessful potty break?

Why are we not progressing?  Maybe she isn't ready for potty training yet.

Tips and suggestions always welcome!


Mommy Kennedy said...

I'm feeling for you! We are on day #4 with my 2 yo son.

Two of the things that have helped us most are 1) letting him run around naked and 2) not going out.

Good luck!


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