Friday, October 29, 2010

Potty Training: Day 8 Time for a Break!

AGH!!! I am about ready to pull my hair out, I think either she is not quite ready for full on potty training or I do not have enough patience for it. 

Day 8
7:10 AM - Into training panties
9:00 AM - So far a good morning, we finished showering up for the day and I put her into a pull-up for an
                 outing to the mall.  We went out in a trainer two days ago but only for 15 minutes and this trip will
                 be a bit longer and I did not think she was ready to do a full outing in trainers. 
11:30 AM - well that trip took alot longer than I thought but we are home and into a fresh pull-up for nap
                 time.  I am not ready to start trusting the so called waterproof training pants again since they have  
                 soaked burned me more than once so far.
12:45 PM - Up from nap and into a pair of training panties.
1:17 PM - "I pee" she says as we are sitting on the couch.  It is only a tiny bit, barley enough to wet through
                 the pantie, so off we go to the potty but there is nothing more.
1:30 PM - " I need to pee".  She is not yet wet (WooHoo progress!!!) but unfortunately she could not hold it long enough for us to jump and run for the bathroom.  We sit on the potty anyway but no luck.

1:50 PM - "Peed" yep, wet so we change again
2:05 PM - "Peed" Wet again and now we are almost out of training panties so I start a load of laundry.
2:12 PM - "Peed" She is wet but we go off to the potty to try anyway.  YIPPEE, she peed in the potty!  Only a few drops but something is better than nothing, right?  We do a cheer and get a pee pee treat.
2:40 PM - "I need pee". Man this girl pees alot!  Unfortunately she does not tell me she needs to pee before she pees, and now the couch is wet.  Little green machine here i come.  Into the shower.  We are out of regular training panties so she puts on a pair of waterproof trainers (maybe they will work better if she is not lying down).
4:12 PM - "I peed" sure enough wet but at least she is in the waterproof trainers
5:00 PM - I am peeling potatoes for dinner and she is standing one her step stool next to me "helping" when she exclaims "I'm wet".  CRAP!  I can not get cleaned up fast enough to keep her from peeing on the kitchen floor.  Get her and floor cleaned up and into fresh panties.
5:45 PM - Throwing a huge temper tantrum at dinner (no afternoon nap).  I get her out of her high chair and stand her on the floor.  She wanted me to do something and I told her I was still eating when she started hysterically crying and then peed all over the carpet.  Got out the green machine once again, cleaned the carpet and her up and put her in a diaper. 

I QUIT!!!  I CAN'T DO THIS!!!  I think we need a potty training break or something.

Please feel free to give me tips if you have successfully potty trained your little one, maybe I am doing it wrong.  Maybe I am expecting too much from her? 


Anonymous said...

From my experience, after a couple of days of fully trying potty training kids either pick up on it or they don't so I would guess that she's not 100 percent ready yet. Even if she is ready and is just slow to get started, it's okay to hold off if you are frustrated or overwhelmed which you seem to be.

Melanie said...

Hope this is going better by now ... good luck.. Just remember "They will not go to college that way".. that's what I tell myself with anything my kids do .... One day she will get it, too.. some sooner some later, it will be okay :-)


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