Friday, March 5, 2010

Changing the Nursery Theme (Bonus entry opportuinty!)

I love the tropics, Jamaica especially.  My husband and I have visited there a couple times and I knew that when I found out I was pregnant, it would be a few years before we made it back again.  For this reason (and because I love the bright colors) we decorated Wiggle Bean's nursery with a tropical theme.

Now that Wiggle is gaining her own personality, I am thinking of changing her nursery theme.  I was looking at some of the kids bedding at All Children's Furniture and I am totally in love with the Pam Grace Creations Ladybug Lucy Bedding Set.
Look how adorable that is!!!  It totally fits her personality and she seems very drawn to all things ladybug.  We have a Ladybug Pillow Pet and she loves to carry him around and then do belly flops on to him.  Her birthday party was Ladybug themed so it only seems fitting to have her room be ladybug themed, right?

Have you ever changed the theme of your child's nursery to better fit their little personality?

*** Leave a comment below with your nursery theme and if you changed it after baby arrived for 5 Baby Shower Extravaganza Bonus Entries (I will send you a code word to use)***


toxicpuree said...

Mine's not here yet! I don't know if I'll change it, but probably not. Right now her nursery is kind of Victorian with dark wood and splashes of teal.

Joshlin said...

My son is 3 and his room is still the same. We put a light blue on the bottom and a soft white on the top of the walls. The border between has cars, trucks, plains, and trains. He's still into that stuff, so it stayed.

If I had my way though it would have been peter rabit. Then I don't think it would have been the same now. Hubby originally wanted a Budwiser racing theme. You can see why I agreed to the cars, trucks, plains, and trains so easily! LOL!!

Momma Lyngheim said...

My third and youngest sons nursery is brightly colored zoo animals (becuase with 3 boys my house feels like a zoo!!) With the older 2 I didn't change anything until they moved into their big boy bed and then at their next birthday We picked out new curtains/bedding to better fit them and their "big boy" room. Although, with the older 2 their nurseries were more "baby" then anything and my youngest is very bright colored and not so much baby.

jakiesmom said...

my son's nursery started out with sports...and although he still likes to play we had thougt...he loves we have made a few changes...thomas and friedns wall decals have been added, which can be easily removed when he changes again and the walls turned from neutral to blue...oh yeah...we had to roll up one rug to make room for tain tracks! he's under 3!

Owen's Mom said...

I started out with a jungle theme... lots of lions for my little man. After he was born he showed an intense interest in planes, so now that is what we have used and added.

{Not Quite} Susie said...

My son is almost 7 months & I keep adding to his nursery but not changing it persay.. it's blue & brown with spots, stripes and stars and lots&lots of puppies! I'm kind of slowly making it the Kenneth Brown Handsome Puppy theme, as I find piece by piece in the clearance rack at TJ Maxx! :)

Anonymous said...

im going to do ladybug theme with pink walls and one teal wall maybe. i cant wait!


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