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Saving Money On Diapers Is Possible

Saving Money On Diapers Is Possible

Babies are a joy surpassed by no other. However, this joy can be very expensive, particularly when it comes to diapers. With a new baby in the home, shopping bills add up greatly and regularly. Couples who were previously living easily on their income often find themselves needing to stretch their dollars as much as possible to keep up with the demands of a new baby.

There are many ways new parents can meet the cost demands of an infant. Some may turn to friends and family to offer financial support during trying times. However, if you shop carefully, you might find you're able to make ends meet on your own. One of the best places to save is on diapers, since they're one of the largest expenses.

Test Drive Multiple Products

There is no one brand of diaper that works best for each family or each child. For some, the store brand diapers are found to be leaky and inefficient. For others, they not only work well, but cost far less than name brand. 

Most supermarkets and large retailers carry their own version of diapers. Try out the least expensive ones to find if your baby can get a good fit. Buy the smallest packages first, as stores will not accept returns of opened diapers.

Buy in Bulk And Save

Babies, especially newborns, can go through up to eight diapers each day. If you find a great deal on a diaper you know and trust, buy as many as you can afford and have room to store. Be sure to save the receipt in case your child outgrows the diapers before you can use them. Most stores accept returns as long as the package has not been opened.

Wholesale clubs can also be an excellent way to find great deals on diapers. These bulk items often save parents enough over the course of a year to more than pay for the membership dues. Your savings will be increased if you can visit wholesale clubs on their "free membership" days. Just remember to buy enough to last you until their next open house.

Graciously Accept Gift Cards

When a new baby arrives, friends and family often want to shower parents and child with gifts of all sizes. Families can politely ask for gift cards in lieu of presents so that they may be able to provide the necessities to their child. Most gift givers will happily oblige.

Load Up on Coupons

Diaper manufacturers know how expensive their products are, which is why they offer significant savings in the form of coupons. New parents generally receive mailers with coupons for diapers, but if you are not on a mailing list, look online. Many sites offer printable diaper coupons that you can use practically anywhere.

Choose Cloth

Some moms decide to avoid disposable diapers completely, deciding instead to use cloth. Though parents will likely spend more on detergent, water, and energy to wash the cloth diapers, over the long run the savings does add up. Because cloth diapers are reusable, there are not last minute trips to the supermarket and no scrounging to pay for a package of expensive diapers.

Cloth diapers are an excellent choice for those on a budget. However, there are many daycare providers that will not allow children to be diapered in cloth. If you decide to go this route, check with your care giver to learn what their rules are about cloth diapers.
The birth of a child should be a time of happiness, not one of financial stress. Ease your burden as much as possible by following one of the budget saving tips offered above. All too soon, the child will grow and diaper woes will be but a distant memory.

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