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Ditch The Hassle of Arranging A Sitter with SitterScout.com

Ditch The Hassle of Arranging A Sitter with SitterScout.com

My husband and I were married over 9 years before deciding we were ready to move on from being a couple to being a family. 

We were the last of our friends and last of our siblings (on both sides) to have children.  When we wanted to go out for date night or with our friends, we just made sure the dogs had food and off we went.

Now that we have our daughter, she is three, we have only gone out five or six times and one of those was a business dinner.  There are 4 approved sitters on my list: the oldest of my younger sisters, my sister-in-law, my mother, and my dad.  

The main reason we do not go out for more date nights is because, I hate the hassle of arranging a sitter.  There are two main reasons that my husband and I do not go out more often for date nights:
1. Hassle: it is a hassle to call around to see who is available and willing to give up an evening to watch my little mini me
2. Guilt: Since the approved sitter list is all my family, I feel guilty bothering them and taking them away from their family to babysit. I also feel guilty about asking one person and not the others.

Enter SitterScout.com!

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SitterScout is an online/mobile tool to help book your existing babysitters faster, by instantly contacting the sitters you choose - and enabling them to respond - via SMS.

SitterScout can be used to schedule any of your babysitters, no matter where you’ve found them - whether it’s the girl down the street, or someone you found through an online sitter service.

You enter your sitters’ information (which is only visible to you,) then choose which sitters to contact when you need some time away. We contact those chosen via SMS, and they can reply back with a simple text message to accept or decline. When a sitter accepts, the parent gets a text message letting them know immediately.

Parents can choose to invite their sitters in “rounds,” so their favorites get first dibs, or they can contact everyone at once.
The SitterScout Philosophy
SitterScout’s reason for being is to help parents with babysitter logistics, with the end goal being to get parents out of the house and into some much-needed grown-up time.
     We have a strong belief that happy parents are better parents. To be happy, parents need time away from their kids.
     There are many products for/about kids. This one is for PARENTS.
     We want to support and encourage parents in their efforts to recharge their batteries by helping them make and find time for themselves.
     Learn more about our philosophy and founder parents here: http://www.sitterscout.com/pages/about

Over Thirty Mommy's thoughts:
Signing up for an account is super easy and does not require alot of personal information to be given.  After signing up for a free account, you enter the name, cell phone number and optional email address.  Then when you are ready to schedule yourbabysitters, you enter the time and date into sitterscout and select which sitters you would like to invite.  Personally, I plan to go with the invite everyone and the first to respond wins! 

All in all I think this is a great way to easily make babysitter arrangements.  I see more date nights, more frequently in my future!

Make sure you contact your sitters first so they do not freak out when they get a text from sitterscout.com (it arrives within minutes of entering their info into the system). 

SitterScout is a sitter scheduling service, not a sitter recruiting service. 

*** Disclosure: This is a Splash Creative Media campaign on behalf of SitterScout.com. All opinions are 100% my own.***



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