Saturday, March 17, 2012

Guest Post: CookieCoo Dancing Star: Sing, Dance and Play for iPhone and iPad

CookieCoo Dancing Star: Sing, Dance and Play for iPhone and iPad

The CookieCoo Dancing Star is one of the smartest inventions of ThinkCube in this generation. As kids these days are become more exposed to technology, ThinkCube managed to take advantage of the digital world to introduce to its younger customers a game that will not only bring them massive entertainment but also a means to learn some of the basic  skills that every child must learn. This rhythm game is definitely more than meets the eye.

Kids are quite fond of coming up with some of the most bizarre creatures using their imagination and their love for singing and dancing are sure to cause you plenty of entertainment. But did you know that you can direct these skills of your kids in a more enjoyable way? You might have been thirsting for a few moments of reprieve from teaching your exuberant child so why not distract them with the CookieCoo Dancing Star? This game is definitely packed with some of the most unusual creatures not to mention catchy tunes that your kids can sing to when they start playing. For sure, they will get hooked the moment they start playing and you can have your moment's peace.

CookieCoo Dancing Star has an interface that is simple to understand. There are cues that direct kids on how to start the game so they can play. The different levels are designed to teach kids of all ages the benefits of having fun while studying. Little do your kids know that even as they play they are expanding their vocabulary while at the same time honing their coordination skills by developing their sense of sight, hearing and touching. This rhythm game has it all and the best part is that parents won't even spend a fortune for this game.

Aside from the rhythm game where you can teach your kids to tap the instrument where the notes fall on, there is also a “Watch” mode where your kids can simply watch the characters of the game dance and sing to the children's songs included in the CookieCoo Dancing Star game. These catchy tunes are sure to be loved by your little ones and they will definitely be singing to it every now and then. There is simply no question that CookieCoo Dancing Star is a game that any parent should have in their arsenal. And at just less than $1.00, this game can go a long way.

Guest Post by Peter, Peter work with many Korean developers and publishers with consulting and promotion. 


Lauren said...

this is probably one of the best apps for my son...mainly because he can't stop dancing with the cute cookies :)


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