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Interactive Little Girls’ Birthday Party Ideas

Interactive Little Girls’ Birthday Party Ideas

If your little girl is about to turn another year older, then it’s time for you to get planning! Little girls’ birthday parties are the most fun. Your daughter’s birthday party is a time for you to make her feel like the absolute center of attention and a time for you to enjoy spoiling her a teeny bit on her special day. There’s nothing wrong with throwing a regular birthday party, but keeping the kids occupied is important and sometimes the structure of a theme can help you do that with ease. Here are a few tried and true girly party themes to consider.

1. Spa Day
You’ll want to enlist the help of a couple of the other moms of some female friends and relatives for this one because it might get a little messy. Get nail polish, face masks, soaking salts and wash every towel in the house. Depending upon the size of your guest list, you may want to have the guests bring their own towel as well. With the help of the grown up girls you can help them put on facemasks, soak their feet in warm water with the soaking salts or bubbles and then paint their fingernails and toenails. Tiaras are appropriate for this setting as well, so the girls feel extra special.

2. Tea Party
It’s never too early to introduce young ladies to a sophisticated tea party. State on the invitation that the guests should bring large sun hats to wear, and when they arrive, have a basket full of costume or plastic jewelry for them to dress up with and take home as party favors. Serve small cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and lots of herbal and fruit flavored tea of many kinds. Wear a big hat yourself and join in on the fun! Once the table is cleared of breakables, you can play musical chairs.

3. Mermaid Party
If you have a summer baby, the Mermaid theme is perfect. You can set out a few different kinds of sprinkler heads and get a slip and slide for the backyard. Have the guests bring bathing suits and let the girls run around and splash in the sun. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen! Once they have tired themselves out, you can serve fish shaped sandwiches and French fries and then onto the Mermaid cake.

The most important thing about your little girl’s birthday party is that she has a great time and feels special. Ask her what she would like to do and treat her to a day of fun with her friends. Don’t stress too much about anything, enjoy yourself too!

About the Author: Lisa is a guest post blogger who writes about party planning and where to find things like Super Mario party supplies and other themed goods.



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