Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hats Off to All Stay At Home Moms

I have to admit that before I had my daughter, I never put much thought into how hard stay-at-home moms worked or how much there really was to do.  I thought that it was all fun playing and lots of down time while they napped or played with their friends.

When I found out I was losing my job in July, I decided to take the summer off and spend it with my daughter I thought how hard can it be to play stay at home mom for a couple months, I will have tons of time to catch up on my blogging and do projects around the house that I have been wanting to do for years now.

Little did I know that being a stay at home mom is REALLY hard.  Maybe it will get easier as I figure out how to balance my time but YIKES.  Some days it is so stressful (she is really good at trying my limited patience) that I want to go get a job right then, any job will do.  But then other times, I couldn't imaging going back to work and wish I could be home all the time with her. 

I  love being home with my little girl but I know that me not working is taking a toll on my family's finances so I will need to get a job but  I am having a hard time coping with leaving her.  I am also having a hard time with not working, I have been working since I was 16 and it is difficult for me to depend on my husband to bring in the money we need.  Not that he can not do it, I just do not deal well with not feeling independent and pulling my weight in the relationship.

Since I am so terrible at the housework and can barley cook, I can not classify myself as a stay at home mom, I am simply unemployed person who spends the day with her daughter.

I have so much more respect and understanding for Stay and Home Moms and want to tell you, you are not paid enough for all you do!



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