Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Cate & Levi Organic Clothing

This past March I had the pleasure of being introduced to Cate & Levi.  My daughter received and I reviewed one of their fabulous hand puppets. She absolutely loved it then and still loves it today.  She now thinks that anything the goes over your hand is a puppet, oven mitts are puppets and gloves are puppets.

I was thrilled when found out they were starting a new line of 100% organic cotton clothing.  I recently read an article about The Benefits of Organic Cotton, it was shocking to say the least.  Did you know that standard cotton uses 25% of all insecticides and 10% of all pesticides.

Since the beginning, I fed my daughter organic produce, milk and many more of the foods she eats.  I am careful what cosmetic products I use, what soaps I use on her delicate baby skin and what type of laundry detergent we use on her clothing but I never put all that much thought into her clothing. 

Now that I know that the average conventional cotton t-shirt uses almost half a pound of toxic chemicals in its production I will be looking for more organic clothing to add to her wardrobe.  Not only is it better for you, but organic cotton lasts longer, standard cotton material lasts 10-20 washes and organic cotton material lasts for 100 washes before it starts to break down.

About Cate & Levi
The Cate & Levi Collection is designed and handmade at the Cate & Levi studio in Toronto, Canada.  Items are made from reclaimed wool, specially selected for its colors and textures, so every item is one of a kind.  Josh, the owner of Cate & Levi, believes that it is important to give back, ten percent of profits are donated to fund that help children in need.

**Disclaimer: I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.   I received a sample from the new Cate & Levi Organic clothing line and chose to share my opinion with you .  This is solely the opinion of Over Thirty Mommy. Other people may have different experiences with the.**  


Momma Lyngheim said...

And not to mention they are completely adorable!!!! My 5 year old son would love the pillow pals, and my almost 11 month old would get a kick out of the whole line!!! I know what is on our Christmas list!


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