Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Backyard Safari Outfitters

My daughter loves to wear pink, got her first purse when she was 11 months old and loves to go shopping.  As much as she loves all these girlie things, she is also very much a tom-boy.  She loves to play in the dirt, throw rocks and chase bugs around in the grass.  The bug chasing is pretty cute, she tries to catch them while saying "I'm gonna get you".

Backyard Safari Outfitters will outfit your little one for all their outdoor adventures.  Their year-round field gear is rugged, fully functional, and made for the field. Perfect for backyards, parks, campgrounds, beaches and lakes.

My daughter gets a kick out of hiding behind the pony wall that separates the entry from the living room, looking through her Land and Water Mega View Periscope and trying to find me or see what was on TV.   It was a little big for her to hold on her own (she is not quite 2 yet) so daddy had to help out but she still had a blast. The Land and Water Mega View Periscope consists of  three sturdy, light-weight sections that telescope for a reach of over four feet high.  You can also Flip the Mega View Periscope upside down and it becomes submersible, up to 16 inches, for under-water viewing.

She also really enjoyed the Field Binoculars.  She ran around the house looking at everything.  She thought it was funny to look through them backwards and make things small.  Nature is up close and in sharp detail with these 5x30 optics.   They are adjustable, rugged and waterproof.

Another one of her favorite items from the Backyard Safari Outfitters is her Cargo Vest.  I am sure all outdoor adventurists need to pack their pink cell phones along with them, don't they?  She packs that vest full of anything she can fit in the pockets.  The Cargo Vest is covered with pockets, six D-Rings and two shoulder epaulets.  The large pocket is big enough for your binoculars and the clear chest pocket is a perfect fit for the Pop-Up Field Guide.
I was able to sneak up on her while she was intently studying her field guide.  Maybe she was trying to identify a bug she found in the house.

A field guide comes with many of the products and is included with the Adventurer Kit.  The Adventurer Kit is filled with field essentials.  It includes a water tight case, retractable carabiner clip, mini lantern and the Pop-Up field guide.

So far we have not been able to take out Backyard Safari Outfitters gear outside to play with it, due to weather, but I am looking forward to next spring when she can start chasing bugs outside.  I may have to get her the Bug Wrangler's Extreme Suction Bug Vacuum (so she will not pick up bugs with her fingers).
It should be noted that most of the items we reviewed are for ages 5 & Up, but with proper supervision, our almost two year old loves it and has a great time playing with it.

Where to buy:
Backyard Safari Outfitter gear can be purchased from Summit Toy Shop

You can also follow Backyard Safari Outfitters on Facebook and Twitter



Momma Lyngheim said...

What a great find!! The lantern would get constant use at my house along with the bug vacuum! My boys would enjoy this set just as it looks like your daughter does!

Melanie said...

How cool is that.. I bet my Toddler and even my Tween would love this.. thanks for a wonderful review and I loved the pictures :-)


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