Monday, June 11, 2012

75 years with 750,000 Carmex Fans Giveaway!

75 years with 750,000 Carmex Fans Giveaway!

 Carmex is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year.  As a way to thank their customers and fans for supporting them through nearly a century, Carmex is hosting a promotion on Facebook: 75 years with 750,000 Carmex Fans . The main objective is to reach 750,000 Carmex Fans to celebrate their monumental anniversary. Once Carmex unlocks certain fan milestones they plan on giving away great Carmex prizes as well as CASH.

They have not released the specific details of the exact prizes to be given away yet, but being that I’m part of the Carmex Blog Squad community I was given a hint (which I am sharing with you my loyal readers!). In the last giveaway when Carmex unlocked the first milestone of 250,000 fans they awarded the grand prize winner $2,500. The next milestone they hope to reach is 500,000 fans, so I can only guess the prize will be double or greater than the $2,500. The final fan milestone the company wants to unlock will be 750,000 fans. See where this might be going?



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