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Top Toys for an Educational Head start

Top Toys for an Educational Head start

Every child will have toys that may or may not help him get a head start on his education. The parent will look for ways to give his child a head start. The parent probably started looking for ways long before the child was born. The mother and father may even do things that will help the child develop in the womb. A good parent wants his children to be more than his successors and wants his children to surpass him in ability.  Parents expect the next generation to do better than the generation that preceded them. The best educational toys depend on the age of a child and what his strengths and weaknesses are.

3-4 Year-Old Child
 Books are a great choice for a 3 to 4 year old child. They may not have much need for a laptop, but can do well with the talking books that will have them read along.  These books can help them develop language and reading skills, some children even teach themselves to learn to read. The Tag Reading System works with books made especially for this pen and helps with learning to read at a young age. A parent can read to the child to have the same effect. He is not yet old enough to deal with the Leapfrog tablets, but he may also benefit from the Sesame street games for the Wii. The Sesame Street games allow the child to learn and have fun. The controls are designed to let the children use them easily. The Mobigo by Vtech lets them learn math, letters and problem solving plus can download online.

5-7 Year Old Child
A 5-7 year old child can develop language skills, learning skills and    basic math. There are Wii games that can help him learn, and the Wii seems to be the only system that has been adapted by developers for this purpose.
 The Leap Frog Portable systems works well for children of this age. The child's parents can pick out modules that will let the child learn various subjects. He can also hold the child's attentions by using the child's favorite characters. The favorite characters frequently change from time to time.
 The Vetch laptop will help a child learn basic computer skills. Its keyboard will teach the child the skills he needs to learn to get along in the modern world. The laptop can connect to the internet to download new programs.  The user will learn how to operate the mouse and has games already loaded.

7-9 Year Old Child
Board games like checkers or chess can help the child learn basic tactics. These are games that keep the mind engaged. Other games, such as Reversi, Othello or Memory can help a child develop mental acuity. Trivia games also great fun. The parent should not overlook toys that allow the child to engage in physical activities either.

 Science labs and chemistry sets for children this age who are starting to become interested in the details of how the world works. They may want to know more about how their favorite topics. They will explore what their talents are. A crystal radio kit or even a Myth buster can help a child discover his interests.

 A musical instrument can help a child develop a sense of rhythm and improve his basic math skills. It also may give him an appreciation of many different types of music. A parent might want a sound proof room in their house. Watching a child learn and develop skills is a very rewarding part of parenthood.

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