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Christmas Dinner for Less

Christmas Dinner for Less

Cooking Christmas dinner does not have to hurt your wallet especially if you are just coming off from cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Saving on Christmas dinner is not difficult or time consuming, it is just about taking advantage of coupons, sales and discounts that retailers, grocery stores and manufacturers are offering you.

Get Organized
At least 3 weeks before the dinner, start putting together your menu. Make a list of the ingredients you are going to need. Being organized from the beginning will allow you to take advantage of the following tips. So, make your list and check it twice.

Look for the Sales
Two to three weeks before the Holiday, grocery stores and retailers who now sell groceries, will put on sales on the ingredients most used in Holiday dinners. The best way to look up these sales is through their weekly ads. Grocery stores release them on Wednesdays and retailers release them on Sunday. If you are not currently subscribed to your local newspaper purchase it on those days or look up the store's ads online. Non-perishable ingredients can be purchased two weeks out and perishable items should still be purchased in a timely manner, but not at the last minute.

Check for Discounts
Now that you are organized and know what the current sales are, it's time to look for the discounts. Discounts will take place on top of the sales. Grocery stores and retailers will offer discounts for those who purchase items in bulk. If you know that yes indeed you will be able to go through 10 cans of broth either for Christmas dinner or at some point before the expiration date on the cans, now is the time to buy and save.

Coupons are your best friend. If you are still not subscribed to your local newspaper, now is the time to consider doing so. Just subscribing to your Sunday edition will allow you to always stay up to date on what coupons are being released every Sunday. You can find coupons for the ingredients you will need for your Christmas dinner. Coupon savings are savings that add up easily and quickly, just clip and tuck them in your wallet so that you don't forget them on your next shopping trip. You can also find coupons on your favorite retailers website as well as on the manufacturer's website. Just click and print.

If All Else Fails
Now, if you did just come off cooking Thanksgiving dinner and are committed to providing Christmas as well, don't forget that you have the option of having dinner cooked for you. Most grocery stores and restaurants now sells Holiday meals with all the trimmings. Not only will you save money, but you will also save time in the kitchen. These Holiday meals just require reheating.

Yes, you can cook Christmas dinner for less by getting organized, taking advantage of sales, discounts and coupons. If all else fails, you can always purchase a Holiday meal that saves money and time.

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