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Bring Holiday Joy To Pets With Some of This Year'sBest Products

PetMate gifts for you and your furry friends

Pets are family members too so don't forget them on your Christmas shopping lists this year!  

I am a dog lover myself but I have owned cats, lizards and hamsters in the past.  Until recently, I had two wonderful dogs but now that I am down to one dog, I am pampering her and got a couple of the below gifts for her this year for Christmas.

Six Petmate® Products Chosen as Best Products of 2011 by Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Dog World and Pet Product News. 

About PetMate:
Petmate, with its family of brands, is the trusted authority in smart pet care solutions. As the first to provide a safe and comfortable alternative to wooden travel crates, Petmate has gone on to introduce smart solutions for every stage in a pet’s life. At Petmate, we believe in what we do, because we have pets too! Check out all of the other great brands and products in the Petmate family: Bamboo, Fat Cat, Booda, Petmate and Aspen Pet.

A few of PetMate's Top Products:
Winner of the Editors’ Choice Award for both Cat Fancy and Pet Product News, the Petmate® Curvations™ Luxury Pet Carrier offers safe and reliable transport in a modern design that will comfortably accommodate small pets with holiday travel plans! Covered with a soft, cushioned, fashion-forward fabric, Curvations provides comfort and style, including a washable plush bed, safety door clasp for added security and molded feet for stability. The 360-degree mesh ventilation panels enable the pet to see what’s going on at all times while enjoying continuous air flow. Available at pet specialty stores nationwide, Curvations retails for $99.99.
It’s the challenge all dog owners share: how to clean up their pup’s “business” as easily and quickly as possible. A Dog World Editors’ Choice pick, the Clean Response™ Swivel Bin & Rake is a canine waste pick-up system that turns this unpleasant chore into mess-free, stress-free disposal. Simply swivel the high-capacity bin down to the ground, scoop the waste using the rake and lift the handle. The bin swivels up, acting as a storage device for the waste until emptied. The rake is designed to work well on both grass and hard surfaces. Pet parents can use ordinary plastic grocery bags that hook on in seconds and keep the bin clean. It can also be used without bags—simply hose off the bin after use. The long ergonomic handle eliminates back and leg fatigue, while the soft comfort grip makes it easy on the hands. The Clean Response snaps together as one unit for compact storage, and can be hung on the wall. It can be found at pet specialty stores nationwide for $34.99.

 Feeding your pet has never been so easy than with Petmate’s LeBistro® Programmable Feeder. Not only does this automatic feeder reliably deliver portion-controlled meals while you are away, it also eliminates the daily chore of scooping and measuring. The stylishly designed feeder features a large LCD screen and built-in meal counter and holds 5 or 10 pounds of food. With three simple buttons, you can easily program your feeder to dispense the right amount of food for your pet at the right times throughout the day. The food hopper is conveniently transparent for monitoring food levels at a glance and has a handy twist-lock lid to keep food fresh and secure. The bowl is removable for easy cleaning and is top-shelf dishwasher safe. Available in 2 sizes and colors.

 Where to Purchase:
Petmate does not sell directly to the public but their products can be found at many local retailers. They encourage you to print out your "wish list" of products, visit your local pet store and ask for Petmate by name!

Over Thirty Mommy's Thoughts
I love my dogs very much, I had them LONG before we had our daughter.  It was a very sad day when I was notified that my beloved Malamute passed away while I was on vacation.  We had him for over 10 years and our other dog right about 10 years so they were mates for a long time.  Our female dog has been very sad since her mate passed away, so we are giving her extra love and attention to help her with the grieving process.  

Before his passing, both of our dogs were outside dogs (by their choice) but now that she is alone, she seems to want to spend more time inside with her people.  For this reason we needed to get her set up with feeding dishes inside.  The Le Bistro automatic feeder was perfect for us because we are always in a hurry to get out the door for work in the morning and this feeder helps us by not adding another task to our already busy mornings. 

The Clean Response™ Swivel Bin & Rake has been great.  I used to use a shovel and bucket but this is so much simpler.  I did find that the twist together sections easily untwist while scooping but I remedied that with some tape on the sections and have had no troubles since then.  It is great, it uses grocery sacks and it is easy to tie it up and toss it.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid any form of cash for this posting.   I received free product for the purpose of this posting..  This is solely the opinion of Over Thirty Mommy. Other people may have different experiences with the products.**   


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