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Holiday Gift Guide: Flat Iron Experts

Holiday Gift Guide: Flat Iron Experts

I have crazy hair!  That is the best way that I can describe it.  It is not straight, not curly and very unmanageable.  I can't stand dealing with it so much that I pull it back into a pony tail every day. 

Why me?

I have two sisters, one has hair that is straight as a board and the other has super curly hair.  It is so curly that you can wind it around your finger and it will stay in a perfect spiral.  How did I end up with spastic hair? 

Not sure but last year a friend of mine from work introduced me to a flat iron.  The first time I ironed my hair was during my lunch break.  My friend brought in her old flat iron since she had recently received a new on from her significant other.  It was an older model that tended to snag and pull my hair but it did what it needed to do.   I have thick hair and a ton of it so it took some time but I was amazed at how straight my hair turned out.  When I straighten my hair it is 2-3 inches longer than normal.  I received so many compliments on my hair that day it was fantastic.  I vowed to someday get my own flat iron and use it more frequently. 

That day finally came when I teamed up with Flat Iron Experts.  I began my search for my first new flat iron.  I wanted something that was good quality but not outrageously expensive since I often do not have the time to spend on my hair in the mornings.  I selected the H&R Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron and have been using it for a little over a month.  The HR Tourmaline Flat Iron was rated the best budget (under $100) flat iron and it has not let me down.  I get multiple comments every time that I have a chance to use it.  I could not be happier with the HR flat iron.  It does a fantastic job and does not pull my hair.  I love it!

About the HR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron: 
H&R Flat Iron has all the newest technology that will help you straighten, curl or flip your hair with ease. With the latest Tourmaline and Ceramic Technology this flat iron guarantee smooth and shiny results that will last. H&R Flat iron features a "New Patented Suspended Plate Technology" that prevents pulling of your hair, meaning comfortable and painless styling. 

H&R Straightener's Tourmaline / Ceramic plates are able to distribute heat across the entire surface evenly, retains heat more efficiently, and eliminates damaging hot spots. Tourmaline and Ceramic plates emits a natural source of negative ions and far infrared heat that helps your hair:
1. Preserve more moisture within the hair shaft
2. Eliminates frizz and close the cuticle to create smooth and shiny hair
3. Causes less damage to the hair cuticle during styling.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid any form of cash for this posting.   I received free product for the purpose of this posting..  This is solely the opinion of Over Thirty Mommy. Other people may have different experiences with the products.**   



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