Friday, December 23, 2011

Being a realtor

Being a realtor
Posted by Arden Wallace

I’m a realtor and it’s tough being in this business right now. There aren’t a ton of people out buying and for some reason the homeowners in my area just don’t seem to get that people aren’t paying like they used to for houses – they need to realize that they can’t charge as much as they would have for a great house…it’s just not that kind of market! I find that a lot of my clients nowadays are younger and with more disposable income, usually just married or about to have kids or something like that. I help them figure out which neighborhood they like and also what type of home security Tennessee and trash service they need – I’m basically aiming to become the best full service realtor in town. I don’t want to just sell you a house, I want to help you live in it for years to come. There’s nothing easy about buying your first place by my goal is to make the whole process less stressful for all of my clients.



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