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What products make your pregnancy easier?

What products make your pregnancy easier?

Shopping for baby clothes and gear may be among the more exciting aspects of pregnancy, because they are part of preparing for motherhood! But while you are busy investigating what products you really want for your baby, give the baby aisle a break and think about products that will make your pregnancy easier and more enjoyable as well. If you are buying a gift for another expectant mom, she will definitely appreciate you thinking about her and not just her baby. 

1. A full-body maternity pillow

I was given one of these while I was expecting my second baby, and it was a life saver! Women who are suffering from pregnancy signs  like backaches, hip problems, and even heartburn really benefit from a pillow that allows them to position their body in a more comfortable way. I found that heartburn decreased when I was on my tummy, which the pregnancy pillow made possible in a comfy manner. 

2. A belly band

Belly bands look great and allow pregnant women to use their usual, non-maternity clothes for longer. Once your belly expands enough for your t-shirts to be a little too short (and that can happen right after they realize they don't need an ovulation calendar anymore for some women!), a belly band can rescue your outfit. Belly bands come in plain colors and with prints – there are belly bands to suit every taste!

3. A Doppler

Doppler is a sonographic device that allows women to listen to their baby's heartbeat. They are commonly used by midwives, but also available to pregnant women themselves for hire or purchase. Fetal dopplers can be a lot of fun, but can also serve more serious purposes when you haven't felt your baby move in a while, and want to know if everything is OK. Do keep in mind that they should be used with caution, and not too often, because a Doppler does use radio frequency waves. 

4. Shoes that are easy to put on

Any women who has ever been nine months pregnant knows that putting shoes or boots on can be quite an adventure with a big belly. Shoes that don't need tying and are not hard to put on can sure make life more pleasant! In summer, this shoes that you can easily slip on are great (like flip-flops!). For winter, flexible boots that have no zippers are wonderful. 

5. Blood pressure monitor

Pregnant women who have had concerning blood pressure during prenatal appointments may well like to have a blood pressure monitor at home as well. Regularly checking your blood pressure means that you will be able to contact your doctor promptly if it rises to high levels, or drops too low. 

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