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5 Gifts That Will Make Your Grandchild's First Christmas Extra Special

5 Gifts That Will Make Your Grandchild's First Christmas Extra Special

Christmas is a special time of year for everyone. As a grandparent with a new grandchild, the experience is even more rewarding. Memories are made with friends and family. Delicious food is enjoyed at the table. Homes and trees are decorated with lovely decorations. Gifts are given and received. There is nothing not to love about Christmas. But how can you know what gifts will create the perfect memories for your grandchild's first Christmas? Luckily, we have come up with five gifts that will make Christmas extra special for you and your grandchild.

One of the most common "first Christmas" gifts that is given is an ornament. There are many different varieties of ornaments that can be purchased for your grandchild. Make this gift even more special by personalizing it. Add their name, the year, or just a special message from you to them. This may not mean anything special to them now, but in a few years they will cherish this gift more than words can express.

A ‘hand printed’ ornament is a special gift that not only represents their first Christmas and your love for them, but also serves as a sort of record for the size of their hand or even of their foot. This gift is extremely personalized because it is an actual print of your grandchild's hand or foot. Before you know it, your grandchild will be 5 years old, 10 years old, a teenager, or even in college. Time will fly by and this ornament will be a fantastic reminder of their first Christmas.

The last kind of ornament that can be given is a photo ornament. A baby picture of your grandchild at Christmas can be inserted into an ornament of your choosing. Once again, you can make this ornament even more personalized by adding your grandchild's name and the year or "Baby's First Christmas" onto the ornament. Want to make it even more special? Write a personalized note or poem on the back of the picture for your grandchild to find and enjoy in a few years.

A personalized photo frame with a picture of you and your grandchild is a good Christmas gift that can be enjoyed year round for years to come. Just like with the ornament, a personalized letter or poem on the back of the photo is an extra surprise that can be discovered later on in your grandchild's life.

Another fantastic idea for a "first Christmas" gift is a scrapbook of their first year. Gather pictures and memories from their first year and put it together into a scrapbook that can be enjoyed for years to come. Seeing their life in a scrapbook from a time they cannot remember will provide lots of story opportunities during future Christmas celebrations.

No matter what you choose to give your grandchild on their first Christmas, it will be a fantastic gift for all of your family to enjoy. By making the gifts personalized and extra special you will make the celebration special and even future Christmas celebrations exciting.

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