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8 Tips For a Teenage Party

8 Tips For a Teenage Party

If you have children then at some stage you are going to have to suffer the anxiety of throwing a party for your teenager.  The trick is to not let the reins of the party be held completely by your teenager.  To stop it from getting out of control or ending up with five hundred unruly guests on your patio or under the pergola you need to follow a few simple steps and set some guidelines for your teenager. 

If you have an outdoor area it is best to have the party outside, as it is easier to clean up the outdoor pavers than your carpet.  If your teenager is old enough to have alcohol at their party then make sure you keep an eye on them and that you provide plenty of water.  Having a water filter will mean you have much nicer water which is a lot easier to drink.


It is important that you supervise your teenager's party, even though they probably won't want you to.  You can supervise but still stay out of the way.  Check in on them every so often and certainly don't go out for the night and leave them to it.


If your teenager is having a party with a lot of guests you might want to think about having a few friends or family members act as security, particularly if you think that you might get some uninvited guests.  Have someone at the door with a list of all the people are who have been invited, making sure they don't let in anyone who hasn't been asked.

Don't Advertise via Social Media!

Be strict about your teenager's use of social media and state that they are not to invite friends via Facebook or Twitter.  By using these methods they can end up with way more guests than they anticipated, even if they didn't broadcast their party as an open house event.

No Alcohol

If your teenager is under eighteen then make sure their party is a strictly no alcohol event.


If your teenager and their friends are the sort that can get up to mischief you might be wise to provide some entertainment for the party so they won't go looking for things to do that could get them in trouble.  You might want to hire a DJ or a band for the evening.

Remove Valuables

If your teenager is having a large number of friends over it is best to remove any valuables or items that you don't want broken.  Lock them away in your bedroom until after the party.

Lock Rooms

If you don't want anyone using the bedrooms or going into your private study then lock the doors, or if you can't, at least shut the doors and put a sign marking 'private' on them.  It might stop any unwanted activities taking place on your bed.

Limit Numbers

To keep some sort of control over the party and to ensure it doesn't get too out of hand you can limit the number of guests your teenager can invite.



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