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Fisher-Price Dora Dress Up Collection Doll and Fashions

Fisher-Price Dora Dress Up Collection Doll and Fashions
I have a young daughter that is totally in love with Dora and has been for quite sometime. Her room is decorated with a Dora headboard, a Dora blanket and even a couple Dora posters.  We have numerous Dora videos, toys and even a few clothing items.  I do not see her love of Dora ending any time soon, making the new Dora Dress Up Collection doll and fashions the perfect Christmas gift.

Dora Dress Up Doll Details
 The Dora Dress Up Collection Doll comes dressed in a pretty pink skirt, striped shirt and matching jacket and comes with a purse, scarf and faux leather boots. She features long, soft hair and realistic eyelashes! Also includes a hairbrush, and sports a bow in her hair.  The doll also comes with an extra outfit – a cute printed t-shirt and jean skirt – and a faux suede bag as well as a brush. For added play value, the doll includes a 32-page storybook that is exclusive to the Dora Dress Up Collection Doll and features a unique art style new to Dora books.

Available Fashions
The Dora Dress Up Collection features four stylish fashion packs that enable girls to dress Dora for whatever adventure comes her way.  

Rainy Day: Dress Dora in an adorable rain jacket, dress, matching hat & boots, and she'll stay warm & dry.

Beach Adventure:   A plaid sundress, flowered sandals and matching hat, beach bag, and scarf make Dora’s summer look complete!

School Time: For the first day of school Dora wants to look her very best! A pretty pink skirt, velvet jacket, striped shirt and stylish headband make for a great outfit!

Birthday Fiesta ensemble:  A ruffled pink & purple dress, matching dancing shoes, purse, and shawl are just right for the fiesta!

Each fashion comes with a 32-page storybook themed to the outfit that is exclusive to the fashion packs and features a unique art style new to Dora books!

Also Available
Dress up adventure furniture: Expand your Dress Up Adventure™ Collection with Dora’s Dress-Up Armoire™ and Bed. Store all of Dora’s Dress Up Adventure™ fashions within her armoire while you put Dora to sleep in this comfy bed, which is styled just like the one on the show! Armoire comes with six hangers, an exclusive nightgown fashion just for Dora, and a convenient carry-along handle for portable play. The Dress-Up Bed™ comes with a soft blanket.

Over Thirty Mommy's Thoughts:
This doll is absolutely beautiful.  I might have played with Dora for a minute or two to test her out but I have not let Wiggle Bean see her yet because the Dora Dress Up collection doll and fashions would make such a perfect Christmas gift for her that I wanted to save them.  The Dora Dress Up Collection was created for ages 3+, making it a great doll for Wiggle Bean.  At 15-inches, Dora is lager that a typical doll allowing small hands to be able to change the clothes and play with her easily.  The accessories that come with the doll and fashions are larger than those that come with other toys so I do not have to worry about them being accidentally vacuumed or chewed on (not that she is one to chew on her toys).

As a mother to a young and impressionable girl, I find some of the dolls on the market are not appropriate in their appearance or clothing options.  While I am not one of "those" parents that want to ban everything that I think is inappropriate, I do monitor the toys that I purchase for her for what we feel is right for her age.  I do feel that makeup on toys for toddlers and skirts that a super short are not for my daughter at her age. 

This is absolutely not a factor with the new Dora Dress Up Collection.  She comes dressed in a cute outfit and all available fashions are completely age appropriate not only for toys that my daughter plays with but also for the Dora image that my daughter has come to love and admire.

 **Disclaimer: I was not paid any form of cash for this posting.   I received free product for the purpose of this posting..  This is solely the opinion of Over Thirty Mommy. Other people may have different experiences with the products.**   



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