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Kids Activities: Do Something Amazing!

Kids Activities: Do Something Amazing!

Finding new and exciting activities to entertain your kids can be quite difficult. But what about when you really want to pull out all the stops and make a big impression? Perhaps your child has a special birthday coming up and you want to treat them with something really special. Thankfully at, we’re a fun bunch and have a load of exciting ideas that we thought we could share with you. 

Our ideas are all about going the extra mile and definitely don’t fit into the standard party themes! If like us, you believe that life is about living then you might want to treat your kids to something along the lines of our ideas below. If you’ve got any other thoughts or crazy ideas then please let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

Jungle Adventure
Well it might not be possible to take a bunch of kids into the thick of the jungle, but how about a camping trip in the forest? To make it more than just a normal camping holiday, why not add in a theme of adventure to spice things up a little? Most kids love a challenge, and ideas could include a woodland trek from one campsite to another. If you decide to do a trek then you can easily adjust the length to suit everyone’s ability.

Meet a Pop Star
What young lady wouldn’t be absolutely chuffed to bits with the opportunity to meet their favorite pop star? Surprisingly, these opportunities come around more than you might think. Most pop artists regularly organize meet and greet sessions with a group of fans. To be in with a chance, sign up to some mailing lists and try to find out where they might be doing signings or radio performances. You never know, your child’s favorite star could be in town next week and you might get the chance to meet them!

Fly a Plane Upside Down
Many local airfields now offer flying experiences where you can pay a fee to spend an hour learning how to fly a plane. Some places even offer the chance to go out in an aerobatic aeroplane and perform stunts such as loop the loops. If any of your kids like watching aerobatic displays, they will LOVE the chance to go in one! Seeing as this is a blog post about doing something amazing, we thought it would be a fitting activity to include!

Feed A Lion
If you thought going to the zoo was a fun day out, then how about going to the zoo and then actually getting the chance to feed the lions. This is definitely something your kids will never forget (hopefully for the right reasons!). Believe it or not, many zoo’s now offer experience days offering you the chance to get up close and personal with some of their biggest animals. For anyone who is an animal fan, then this should be a treat from heaven!

About the Author: Kiki Hendrix writes for who organize a range of exciting and enthralling activity days. If you’re brave enough, click here to take a look through what they have to offer!



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