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Going back to school again – Getting your kids ready for it

Going back to school again – Getting your kids ready for it

It’s August — and the summer holidays seem to be whizzing by in a blur. The days of lazy mornings and late wake-ups are over as the month winds down and you will soon have to get your little one ready to go back to school. A new grade, a new teacher, new classmates — the fears in your child’s mind are plenty. If you, as a father, spend some time with your precious little ones, and help them get ready for going back to school after the long holiday period, they will certainly feel better prepared to face the coming test of transition.

Most children find going back to school very stressful; after all, they have spent more than six weeks without having to follow a set schedule and may feel a sense of anxiety at the prospect of having to follow a set pattern of study. To overcome this, it is best that the parents tutor the children and prepare them for the return to school by reminding them that school is fun, and that they themselves enjoyed school when they were young. This can build a sense of confidence in their child. Moreover, when it’s the father who gives them this pep talk, the child's fears often seem to be eased more quickly.

In days gone by, fathers and back to school activities were never even referred to in the same sentence. This was because the father was seen primarily as the family provider, whereas it was up to the mother to deal with the tears and fears associated with going back to school. These days, however, most fathers are fully involved in the parenting of the child, and it is truly refreshing to see children relating so well to their fathers. It is the involvement of the fathers that helps these children to let go of their anxiety and enjoy school from the very first day that they go back.

Many children can’t wait to get back to school as they see it as an opportunity to play and learn with other children. They get ready for going back to school with great enthusiasm but once they actually arrive there on the first day, even these little eager beavers are apt to cling to mom for the first few minutes in the new environment. But once they spot a familiar, smiling face, they are able to find their footing and dive headlong into the melee so often typical of the first day of school.

Going back to school is normally preceded by a mad rush to get clothes organized, gym uniforms in shape, and haircuts arranged. One way to get fathers and back to school activities together is to assign dad a particular task through which he and the child get a chance to bond and discuss everything about the upcoming year. A father can help his child get ready for going back to school by reassuring them of his love and support at all times, irrespective of the child’s grades or academic achievements. This is the primary truth that children need to hear; and once they do, going back to school can be  a breeze.

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