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Tips To Help Children With A Move to a New School

Tips To Help Children With A Move to a New School
by Elizabeth Cardin

A huge part of your child’s life is school. It is where your child spends the majority of his or her time. It is very important that your child thrives in the school system that he or she will be placed into. Make sure that your child will be able to fit into the new environment. Yes, location is key. It is definitely easier to attend a school that is in close proximity to your house. But, it is also essential that your child enjoys attending school.

The following are a few tips for having your child feel comfortable with moving to a new school.

1. Have a going away get-together for your child and his or her friends.
Let your child have that moment of full attention. A move can be very stressful on a child. It is likely that your current neighbors will throw you a going away party. This is directed towards you and your spouse, not your child. Give your child the ability to hang out with his or her friends and have one last fun time together. Buy a picture frame and have all of your child’s friends sign it as they come over. During the get together, take a group photo. This will be a great addition to your child’s new room.

2. Find out where the children in your new neighborhood go to school
There is a chance that the other children in your new neighborhood go to different schools. Some may go to private school while the others go to public school. Of course, it is up to you with the type of schooling that you believe is best for your children.  But let your children have a say. Your neighbors have already gone through the process of choosing a school for their children. Definitely use them as a reliable source to talk to. If there is a child in your neighborhood that goes to the same school as your child will attend, your child will feel more comfortable with getting on a bus and going to school. That child, if close in age, will probably end up being a good resource for your child to talk to as well.
3. Make sure your child gets involved in new activities.
Some children have a harder time making friends than others. No matter how old your child is, get him or her involved in at least one activity. Talk to your child and find out what he or she wants to do at the new school. It may be completely different from what he or she is interested in now. Allow your child to explore all of his or her interests. It will be easier for your child to make friends with children that share their same interests.
Always remember that no matter what situation your child is put into, he or she will adapt. Explain that this new move is an adventure to try new things, meet new people, and grow closer as a family. It is hard to move to a new school and a new neighborhood, but children are all very genuine and will flock to your child for new friendship.

This post has been provided by  Elizabeth Cardin. Mrs. Cardin works a telephone operator for Specialty Answering Service



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