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Tips for Weaning Babies from a Pacifier

Tips for Weaning Babies from a Pacifier
by Lauren Tessin

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Pacifiers for babies help them produce saliva, serving as a natural antiseptic that is good for oral hygiene. Not only do they calm them in an uncomfortable situation, but they can also help them fall asleep soundly.  Though it becomes very soothing for babies, this can cause them dental problems if they continue to suck on them for long periods of time. It also becomes very aggravating whenever they have an outburst because they can’t have their pacifier.
Although pacifiers are great for newborns and babies under the age of about 6 months, after that you should skip out on this habit before it gets out of control.
There are several ways to wean your baby of their pacifier. If you want to know more about them, read below.
How to Wean Your Baby:
•    You can start off gradually by telling them that pacifiers are only for bed time. This is to soothe them while they go to sleep. You can also slowly take out the pacifier during their nap time. After a couple of days, they should be able to adjust to the changes.
•    Instead of giving them the pacifier, you can have them trade it with another toy or activity. And instead of giving them the pacifier at night time, give them a stuffed animal instead or a blanket.
•    Have them play with other children who are non-pacifier sucking playmates, so that they can see that and hopefully copy them.
•    You can try giving them rewards if they go through a day without a pacifier. And if they do, try giving them lots of hugs, kisses and praise so that they will feel that they have accomplished something.
•    You should be consistent with your actions. If you start to stop giving them the pacifier during the bed time, you should stick to it to avoid confusion.
•    If they do a good job, be sure to award them with something special, perhaps a new toy. 
•    Make sure you never give in.  Once you do, they’ll think they can cry their way into you giving them what they want – in this case, a pacifier.
The first attempt of weaning their pacifiers may fail, but you should try to bear with it and try not to give in with her crying and tantrums. Your hard work should pay off in a couple of days.
Lauren is a stay at home mom that enjoys spending time with her children, as well as blogging in her spare time.



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