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Decorating Ideas for a Toddler’s Bedroom: Guest Post

Decorating Ideas for a Toddler’s Bedroom

Decorating a toddler’s room is great fun and as kids get older they begin to develop a sense that a bedroom is their room. Below are a few ideas for decorating a new room, I’ve stuck to ideas for the walls – the floor will quickly fill with toys!! I’ve included a mix of ideas, some that you can do yourself and some ideas you buy the products either online or at a local DIY store. Decorating a kid’s bedroom does not need to be a costly affair and I always recommend getting the child involved in the choosing of the theme and designs and the decorating (where it is safe to do so).

Wall Mural
For the artists amongst you a mural on one bedroom wall can provide a great way to show off your art skills and to create a beautiful feature wall. One of the best murals I ever saw painted on a kid’s room wall was a jungle scene. The wall was a colourful mix of jungle animals, brightly coloured birds and a mix of foliage. This theme was then continued throughout the room, creating a wilderness retreat in the bedroom!

If art isn’t your “cup of tea” then you’re in look and you can now buy wall art and murals which you can stick up on the wall to create that feature. With so many designs available you will be able to find one suitable for your child (or children) and they are fairly straight forward to put up; if you can put up wallpaper you’ll be ok with a wall mural. There are plenty of brands out there producing wall murals for a kid’sbedroom but Walltastic is a brand that I have seen plenty of beautiful designs from farmyards to princesses they are colourful and engaging for kids.

 Kid’s Art
I love to make room in a bedroom for a space to hang a child’s artwork; colouring, drawing and crafts are such great activities for kids and being able to hang the end results up in their bedroom is a great way to encourage them to develop their skills and to take pride in what they have created.

With a pad of paper and some colouring pens or a box of craft supplies your kid can create their own Mona Lisa which I’m sure they’ll show off to visitors if you provide a space for their own mini-gallery. For hours of colouring fun you can also buy doodle art postersonline which are larger sized and have a printed design for children to colour. These are really great fun and once finished look great up on the wall.

Height Chart
We all know how quickly a child grows and a height chart is a superb way to track their growth and for the child to see how they are growing. For parents it also acts as a little memento of the development of their child, so many houses have corners, walls and doors marked with little lines and dates that remind them of how little their children once were!

Height charts are super simple, you can either make your own by keeping an area of the wall free from other decorations or you can buy a wall chart online- if you’ve got a jungle theme room like the one above then the giraffe height chart is a classic!! These height charts are often available as stickers so are easy to put up.

My favourite idea for decorating a kid’s bedroom involves picking up some blackboard paint from a DIY store and creating a wall of the room which can act as a doodle area for a child. The great advantage of a blackboard is that the wall can be used for any type of doodles and it can be easily cleaned and the doodling can start all over again! You can make the blackboard area as large as you want so whether it’s a full wall or a smaller defined area it’s great fun and there’s less with chalk than there is with felt tip pens.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and ideas, all you need now is a free weekend, roll up your sleeves and get decorating!



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