Monday, July 30, 2012

Fresh Produce Stretch Broadcloth Safari Capri

 Fresh Produce Stretch Broadcloth Safari Capri

Summer is here and while my area of the country has not had a 90 degree day yet, I am still thrilled with the decent weather (and lack of rain!)that we have been having.

Now that the nicer weather is here, it is time to cycle my wardrobe and bring out all my summer attire. Last year I discovered a love for Capri pants, I used to shy away from them since I am on the short vertically challenged side and felt like they made me look shorter or like I was just wearing pants that were too short.

Last year during my search for the perfect Capri pant (and more relaxed wear since I was a stay at home mom last summer), I was introduced to Fresh Produce clothing and their line of summer wear.  I found their products to be of high quality and great comfort.

 This year I am back to work outside the home but since I wear a lab coat that falls just below my knees, I still do not have dress as professionally as I did at my last place of work but the Fresh Produce Stretch Broadcloth Safari Capri would still work in a professional environment paired with the right shirt and shoes.

I am also now cycling to work and rather than packing pants to wear once I get to work, I find the  Stretch Broadcloth Safari Capri to be excellent bike wear.  The "stretch"of the fabric gives me the added room that I need and look for in cycling apparel and then doubles perfectly as all day wear once I arrive at work.

I still have and wear the Stretch Broadcloth Safari Roll Up Pant from last year but added the  Stretch Broadcloth Safari Capri to my Fresh Produce clothing collection this year.  The roll up pant and the Capri are very similar with the biggest difference (that I found) being that the Capri to not roll up like the roll up pant.  I am liking this change because while I loved being able to roll them up or down depending on the season, I hated having to iron the cuffs after washing them (my iron and I do not get along).  This is not an issue with the Capri style since the cuff does not roll up.

The Stretch Broadcloth Safari Capris are not only super comfortable, made with just a touch of stretch to the fabric but they are also very cute!  You can dress them down for walks on the beach with your flip flops and a tank or cress them up with a cute top and heels and be ready for a night on the town.

I had my husband take a picture of me wearing them one morning before I headed out for my commute to work but after looking at the photos, I nixed adding it to my blog (I hate my picture being taken and posted anywhere anyway!).  While the pants were adorable and fit me great, I had my hair thrown into a sloppy pony tail and I was wearing them with a workout shirt and black tennis shoes, the look was not a great one and did not do the capris justice (guess I do not dress for fashion while cycling).

Besides the durability and comfort, another one of my favorite features is the drawstring at the waist.  I  often have a difficult time finding pants/shorts that will both fit my posterior and my waist.  They will either be too snug in the rear or gap really bad at the waist to where I have to do sewing modifications or wear a belt (which I am not a fan of with shorts and capris).  The drawstring allowed me to order a size that was comfortable in the booty and allowed me to cinch up the waist as needed.

They are available in 24 different colors, you can order a different pair to wear almost every day of the month!

**Disclaimer: I received free product in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Other people may have different experiences with the products.** 



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