Thursday, January 26, 2012

Golden Girls

Golden Girls
Author: Dorsey Velasquez

One of those shows that you can just sit down and watch at any time of the day and with anyone of any age is Golden Girls. I used to watch this show with my grandmother when it was running in its original time slot and not in syndication. I have such great memories of sitting beside my grandmother on the couch, both of us eating a bowl of cereal before we would head off to bed and watching Golden Girls together. It was kind of our nighttime ritual when I spent the night at her house. The show had some of the most amazing women on it and one of those is Betty White. Betty was much younger when they filmed that show but after they stopped making new episodes she went on to become even more famous than her two counterparts. I have seen Betty as main characters in movies as well as her starring on Saturday Night Live not too long ago. What can’t this woman do? Check out to find out which package you need to be able to watch Golden Girls.



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