Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Little Wonder Woman

My Little Wonder Woman

My daughter  recently attended her BFF's princess themed birthday party.  All guests were to attend dressed as a prince or princess so I searched all over the internet for just the right princess dress. I had to go all out since it was her first dress up outfit (Halloween Costumes not included) and her first dress up birthday party.

That party sparked her interest in building a collection of dress up costumes for her and her BFF to play with when they get together.

I went to Costume Supercenter to start building her dress up collection.  Since she is my little princess, I spent an hour looking over all the beautiful princess dresses.  I also looked at the adorable girls superhero costumes
because everyone at some point wants to be a superhero!

I saved at least a dozen of my favorite costumes to the shopping cart and then we sat down to select our her favorite.  I tried (more than once) to sway her towards one of the beautiful princess dresses but as you could have guessed (by the photos or the title of the post!) she was sold on the Deluxe Wonder Woman Childrens Costume the minute she saw it.

(We call this her Super Stomp)

No matter how hard I tried, she would not budge from the Wonder Woman costume.  Her mind was made up and she is very persistent for a two year old.

She put it on the second it arrived and we ran out to the front yard so that she could be "SUPER".  Every time she puts it on, she runs to me an says "look mom, I'm Super". She has already gotten to where she can put it on herself, she came in the other day with it on over her pajamas.

I ordered it a size large so it would fit for a while, the boot tops are a bit big but the dress itself  fits perfect.  The deluxe costume came with the dress, cape, boot tops, bracelets, belt and a headband.  Everything that a little Wonder Woman would need to fly off and save the day. (just in case you want to see one more photo of her in her adorable costume! here you go!)

Costume Supercenter carries so much more than just Halloween costumes, their costumes can be used for dress up, themed parties and they even have some adorable Easter Costumes right now.  They have a vast selection of costumes for infants, toddlers, children, and adults.  I am already looking through the Halloween Costumes for Girls to select her outfit for this year.

***Disclosure: I received the WonderWoman costume for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% mine ***


Shasta said...

OMG! Seriously "Super" cute!

Melanie said...

This is too cute... I love the outfit and the model is just perfect for "Super woman"... Too cute... I need to check them out and see what I can put my Toddler in...she loves to dress up; Thanks for sharing :-)

1stopmom said...

She is just about the most adorable Wonder Woman I have seen :)

Rita @YippyMomma said...

yay for super heroes! Such Q-T!


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