Friday, January 7, 2011

One Thing I Miss About Working

I have worked since I was 16, since then the longest I have been with out a job was two months (after moving to Wyoming and when I moved back from Wyoming) on two different occasions. That was until now, I was laid off in July from a company that I worked for for just under 10 years (just over 10 years if you count the time I worked there through a temp agency).

I worked in an office that required that I dress professionally.  I have a large closet (not a walk-in, which is my dream, think Carrie's, from Sex and the City, closet at her and Big's apartment) full of professional attire that is just sitting there collecting dust.

It pains me when I look in there and see my designer dresses, tops and pants just wasting away in my closet begging me to take them out and wear them but alas I do not think they will be as appreciated at Cafe Sip-N-Play or story time at the library.  Luckily I have been able to wear some of them to the few interviews that I have been able to procure and to Christmas mass but other than that they all sit in there an look lonely and neglected.

One of my three major weaknesses (#2) is designer shoes.  I only have 4 pairs (so far, need to get back to work to buy more!) I miss wearing them too.  Out of the four pairs that I do have, one is a tennis shoe style that I can wear with my jeans so at least they are not all collecting dust.  OK, they are all in boxes so they are not really collecting dust.  All I have probably 30 pairs of shoes (I cleaned out the closet recently) and I can only wear about 5 of them now that I am not working.  Shoes, I miss you!

My #1 weakness is designer handbags.  Thankfully, I do not have to dress professionally to carry one of my 7 designer purses.  I usually (or my husband) splurge on one new one a year but that will have to wait until I am working again.  I love my designer purses so much that I bought my daughter her first Coach wristlet when she was 11 months old.  Yes, you read that right 11 months!  She LOVES it and carries it to the stores when we go shopping.  I even had a designer diaper bag because I felt that if I was going to have to carry diapers and stuff around, I was going to look good doing it.  The diaper bag is so cute that now it can be used as a laptop tote and I use it as a carry on when we travel.

I love every day that I get to stay home with my daughter (even though I feel guilty for not contributing financially to the household) but I do look forward going back to work so that I can wear all the lonely clothes in my closet.  I will probably have to run them all through my steam dryer first to get the dust off and freshen them up a bit. 

Oh fancy clothes and shoes how I miss you now that I wear nothing but jeans and T-Shirts.

In case you were curious, my #3 weakness is chocolate, the darker the better! YUM



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