Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bloggers that Over Thirty Mommy Admires

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Thumbs Up to Over Thirty Mommy's Five Fabulous Bloggers

I am not sure if I am still classified as a blogging newbie, I have been working on Over Thirty Mommy for about a year and a half, but I feel that I am still a young blogger with so much more to learn.

Over the past year and a half, I have learned so much about blogging from some great bloggers.  While I have not had the pleasure to meet any of them in person (I would love to some day), I still feel that I have come to know them in some way.  Some day,  I will make it to a blog conference and would love to meet up with my fabulous five and many other bloggers that I have come to know through their blogs.

Over Thirty Mommy's Fabulous Five Bloggers (in no particular owner)

1. Jennifer James: Jennifer is one of those bloggers that is truly happy to help out other bloggers.  She founded a well known club for mom bloggers called Mom Bloggers Club (over 12,000 members),  publishes a great online magazine, Mom Blog Magazine and has a wonderful blog, The Mom Salon that are all full of tips and advice for novice bloggers like myself.    I would have to say that Jennifer is on the top of my Wish to Meet someday list.  I would love to thank her for sharing such great advice with other bloggers. While I am sure she keeps some trade secrets to herself, she always seems happy to give tips to anyone that asks.

2. Daddy Forever: It is so refreshing to get a Dad's perspective on parenting.  There are so many (great and wonderful) mom bloggers out there that sometimes it seems the dads are forgotten.  I came to know Daddy Forever by reading about his youngest son "Little Disney" and how he was coping with being diagnosed as Failure to Thrive coupled with contracting H1N1.  Daddy Forever lives, or as he states it " lives in Exile" in Oregon.  I am an Oregon Native so I love reading blogs that are local to me and know the area I am from. His blog tag line made me a loyal follower of Daddy Forever the first time I read it "Dad blog by a tech savvy dad with four geeky kids (1-10). This geek dad blog features reviews, giveaways, and parenting advice that will ruin your kid's life."  It made me laugh out loud in my office and I have had it bookmarked ever since.

3. 5 Minutes for Mom: Janice and Susan at 5 Minutes for Mom amaze me with the number of sites they operate and maintain.  They have a section of 5 Minutes For Mom dedicated to Directories where you can find  great information on Member Blogs, Mom owned Stores and websites owned by Moms.  It is a great resource that has lead me to wonderful sites and stores that I might not otherwise have found.  I first came to know 5 Minutes for Mom for their always fun weekly Wordless Wednesday posts, it is a great way to find and meet new blogs and bloggers (I even participate once in a while).

4.Shannon from The Mommy-Files: Shannon is another blogger that I look up to.  I have never spoken with her but I read her blog frequently to gain knowledge about blogging basics.  Her blog The Mommy-Files is so well organized, it is amazing.  I can not believe how far it has come since 2008, I can only dream of my blog being as popular as hers when I make it to 3 years. I have one daughter and find it exhausting, I have no idea how she manages three boys, a popular blog, writing for 7 other sites, scrap booking and baking.  I also really love the blogger swaps that she puts together for the different holidays, it is so fun to do exchanges with people that you do not yet know.

5. Sherry from Household Six - Military Wife and Mom: Sherry is a new blogger, she started her blog in early December and seems to be taking a short break right now while she starts a new Arbonne business.  While Sherry's blog is not one that I have gone to for tips and blogging advise but it is very important to me and I admire Sherry for another reason.  Sherry is my Sister-in-law, she is married to my brother who is deployed in Iraq right now.  Sherry is an amazing person, she works and takes care of their three children all while holding the family together while their father is gone.   Her blog Household Six, is a daily journal as a military wife and a journal written by their daughter, Tiffany, about her experience as a military teen.  It also includes resources for other military families.

There are so many others that I would love to feature but the list would go on and on.  Thank you to all the blogs and bloggers that I gain knowledge from (even if I have never spoken to you or made many comments on your blogs).

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One with many names said...

Thanks for sharing! I'll have to go check them out.

Melanie said...

what a great post.. and I'm always looking for new bloggers to visit... thanks for sharing will defiantly check them out


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