Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Here I Come!

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2011!  Did you make any resolutions or goals for the new year?

Here are my personal and professional resolutions and goals for 2011

Personal Resolutions and Goals:

1. Get a job (or win the lottery so I don't have to): I love being home with Wiggle Bean but I have worked since I was 16 and it feels weird not working and bringing in my share of the family finances.  We are surviving with just my husbands income but it makes things tight and is very stressful for me (even though I try to put on a good front and seem like it doesn't).  I will miss my time with Wiggle Bean and feel she is learning more with me home but I am not sure it is financially feasible for us to be a one income family forever.

2. Get back in shape: I lost all the baby weight within 6 months of having Wiggle Bean but I seem to have put some of it back on.  I was always active in sports when growing up and would get back in shape when my husband and I were planning our beach vacations but since having Wiggle Bean, I have given up pretty much all exercise.  While my weight in numbers is not too bad (about 20 pounds more than I would like) I would like to regain some of my muscle mass and get rid of the flab.  My goal for the year is to lose 20 pounds and lose my belly.

3. Eat better: This will also help me accomplish goal #2.  I snack way to much!  I am a choc-a-holic and love sweet snacks.  I used to snack some while working but now that I am home the snacking is out of control.  Most days I do not eat a regular breakfast or lunch and just snack throughout the day.  It would not be such a bad problem if I was snacking on the oranges or apples that are in my fridge but I snack on candy, cookies and chips. 

Professional Goals:

1. Write more frequently: Time seems to get away from me and there are large gaps in my past blogging schedule.  I would like to improve my frequency of writing so that my readers are not left with out anything to read.  I am planning on setting a blog schedule and writing a full post at least 3 times a week.  I know many bloggers post once or more every day but I think that would be setting an unrealistic goal for myself.  Therefore, I will plan on writing every other day and if I get more posts in during a week that will be a bonus. 

2. More personal content: I post some family stories and many reviews at Over Thirty Mommy and enjoy doing both but I would like to put a little more focus on my family blog posts.  It might not keep my traffic numbers up with my sweepstakes friends (I appreciate you all too, so please keep visiting and entering my giveaways!) but Over Thirty Mommy started as a way for me to journal and vent about being an "Older" first time mom and I would like to keep my readers that are looking for personal content happy.

3. Decide if I should move to another hosting site: I have been thinking lately about moving away from Blogger.  I have enjoyed my time with Blogger but think Over Thirty Mommy might be ready for a move to another hosting site.  Maybe Wordpress?  I am being held back but not wanting to lose all my Google friends, email followers, google page rank and other stats that some of my sponsors require. If you have any advise in this area, I would love to hear it?  I need all the help I can get.

Well, those are my resolutions and goals for the year.  What are yours?



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