Saturday, October 20, 2012

Starting a New Business

Starting A New Business

When you become a new mom, you find ways to simplify your life and get creative in how you use things.  Some moms even come up with ingenious ideas for new products that make other moms say "Why Didn't I think of that"

I had one of those great ideas about a year and a half ago while playing stay at home mom. I thought it would be a fantastic way to work and still get to stay home with my little one so I started the process of developing a business.  I created product templates, made some prototypes to iron out the kinks, I purchased supplies and started making inventory.  I got my license and registered my business with the state but then got stalled when it came to figuring out  how to sell online

I bought my domain name and set up a hosting account but since I was just trying to get the business started, I did not have the money to pay to have an e-commerce site set up.  I attempted to figure it out on my own and spent countless hours struggling and getting no where.  I finally gave up, put the entire business on the back burner and ended up going back to work outside the home.

I still want to make the business work and recently found an interesting site that takes care of all the online e-commerce site set up for you.  For a low monthly fee and small transaction percentage you can get a free site template and start selling your products in no time at all.  They even let you try it free for 4 weeks to get a feel for it. 

Once I build my inventory to an acceptable level, I will be checking out this great option.  No more frustration with trying to figure out HTML coding or whatever they call that programming stuff.!



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