Saturday, October 20, 2012

We Have Moved!

We Have Moved to Wordpress

Please visit us at our new home:

I have known for sometime now that I would have to make make the decision to stay with Blogger or move to a self hosted Wordpress blog.  I actually made it one of my New Years Resolutions for 2011 but hesitated and chickened out every time I got ready to make the change.  Better late than never, right?

Last week I decided that I was ready and I finally bit the proverbial bullet and made the switch to my very own blog.  Thanks to the assistance of Jodi at Freetail Therapy, (she will probably regret ever contacting me as I have already sent her a dozen or so messages freaking out!) I made the move over the weekend.

I enjoyed my time on Blogger, having experienced no problems with their service but personally felt that I needed to move out on my own to be taken more seriously as a blogger (even if only by myself).

I hope that none of my regular readers and subscribers were lost in the transition but if you were I truly apologize.  Please come visit us at our new home and subscribe again if I lost you, we have some big things coming in the next few months that I would hate for you to miss!

Thank you for making us who we are and we look forward to growing with you in the future.



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