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Brainetics Review

Brainetics Review

For the past 9 months (up until about a month ago!) I have been a stay at home mom.  I LOVED being home with my daughter but missed working and engaging my brain.  My line of work involves lots of numbers and critical thinking and I felt that with each passing day I was losing a little bit of my skills (that and I am not sure I ever gained back my pre-pregnancy brain! LOL).  When offered the chance to try out the Brainetics system, I was really excited and so was my husband.  The program is a little too advanced for my toddler but I think that in a couple years she will learn alot from it.

About Brainetics

Brainetics, an innovative system that is making learning exciting again. Through fun games and entertaining tricks, Brainetics is teaching kids how to master the priceless skills of focus, following directions, problem solving, organizational skills and memory improvement.  The Brainetics program includes: A set of 5 fun, entertaining and engaging DVDs that gradually get more challenging and involved as the program progresses. A specially-designed, custom Brainetics playbook that explains each lesson, provides practice space and helps the individual understand each section. One set of 52 custom Brainetics flash cards that help processing speed and lesson comprehension. One deck of playing cards that are used to increase mental speed, pattern recognition and focus. A 'Parent Guide' that explains the goals of each lesson, what to expect and how to become involved in the learning process.

Is Brianetics just for kids?

Brainetics is for anybody aged 9 to 90 that have a grasp of the multiplication tables.
Over 35 percent of users are adults and seniors. Parents are using the program to get an edge at the workplace and Seniors are using it to stave off mental aging. Brainetics is a high-energy program that challenges a person - at his / her own pace - with fun mental tasks that help one concentrate, focus, and build mental processing at the same time.

How Does Brainetics Work?

Brainetics teaches your brain to behave like a computer. It will receive information, store it and memorize all the relevant information while ignoring the unnecessary information

There are three powerful reasons that make Brainetics work so well: 1. Brainetics teaches how to MASTER all the vitally important learning SKILLS (focus, concentration, problem solving, thinking outside the box, organizational, increased mental capacity and memory) that are rarely taught in schools and people lack throughout their lives. 2. Brainetics TRAINS two different parts of the MIND to work simultaneously yet independently of each other. One part memorizes information while another part is sorting and processing new information. The mind will begin to work much more efficiently and be more powerful giving Brainetics kids a huge advantage throughout their academic lives and beyond. 3. Brainetics is INCREDIBLY FUN. Brainetics will never seem like a chore and everything is very fun and cool to learn for all ages and ability levels. Brainetics can either be learned alone, or entire families can learn together.

Over Thirty Mommy's Thoughts:
Wow, my math skills have slipped since I took my last math class.  I thought I was fairly competent in math with my work but I have so much to learn and re-learn.  The very beginning is about learning Magic Squares and I must admit I had to watch it a couple times to completely grasp the concept but they are really fun and interesting.

Who's heard of the Fibonacci sequence?  I have and I have always wanted to learn more about it.  Brainetics helped me learn the trick.  

It is amazing how Brainetics can take concepts that I found so confusing before and make them so easy to learn and master.

With my crazy new schedule, I have not had a chance to make it through all 5 DVDs and flash cards but what I have watched so far makes me want to learn more.  I think I might start taking the DVD's to work to watch during my lunch break.

While the math is too advanced for my two year old daughter, she still watches the DVD's and calls them "Smarties".  Hopefully that proves true and they make me smarter!

How to Connect with Brainetics:
Visit the Brainetics Website
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Where to Buy:
 You can purchase the entire Brainetics Program online, here.   It is also available at and other book retailers.


**Disclaimer: I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting.   I received the Brainetics Program for the purpose of this review .  This is solely the opinion of Over Thirty Mommy. Other people may have different experiences with the.**                                                                                                                                         


sasha said...

Does Brainetics Really Work? i'm taking on this product for my children.


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