Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Apple Itunes Account Was Hacked

I hate losing money but I hate it more when money is stolen from me!

I am over the top pissed off!   Who am I mad at? Everyone! I am mad at the hackers (who suck, get a freaking job and quit stealing from people that work for their money), Paypal (even though it is not their fault, they just gave away my money) and Apple Itunes (where the hackers purchased crap, you need better security).

What makes people think that they can go around stealing other people's hard earned money?

It all started with an odd email from Paypal.  It said it was a receipt for a purchase from Apple Itunes.  I forwarded it to the Paypal spoof account, like I do with all the other spam emails I get that are from "Paypal".  I then took a closer look at the email and sure enough it was an actual receipt.  Still, I thought it was some sort of mistake so I opened my Paypal account and yep there it was a transaction for $19.98 paid to Apple Itunes at 4:22 AM.  Like I would purchase the game Plants VS Zombies or the app Goodreader for Ipad (I don't own an Ipad!!!)

Now, I am up early with my daughter (not usually 4:22 AM) but I am never up that early shopping on Apple Itunes.  In fact the last time I even purchased anything from Itunes was in January 2009 and the last time I paid for my Itunes purchases with my Paypal account was in 2007.

I immediately changed my Paypal account password, removed my bank account information from my account and deleted the credit card I had attached to Paypal.  I filed a resolution claim with Paypal and searched the internet for a phone number for Itunes.

I got up and phoned Apple first thing the next morning.  Turns out the phone number I found was for the IPhone (which I do not have).  A really nice employee named Angela, assisted me with changing my Apple Itunes account password and checking for any additional unauthorized charges.  Sure enough the hackers tried to make another almost $40 in charges that were not paid through Paypal (according to my account, Apple would like me to pay them with a credit card, FAT CHANCE!!!).  I can only assume that these charges were not paid because I did not have the full $40 in my Paypal account and the credit card I had on file had expired.  When the card expired my credit card company gave me a new account number, I thank you now even though I cursed you then (I had the old number memorized for easy shopping).

I emailed the Itunes support about the unauthorized charges.  The IPhone employee informed me that there is no phone support for Itunes, I can only assume because they would be inundated with calls from people who have had their accounts hacked.


From what I have been reading online, this is not the first time Apple Itunes has been hacked and it is running rampant again right now.  From what people that have been hacked are being told from Paypal, the hackers are finding open billing agreements between Apple Itunes and Paypal (most being from 2006 and 2007).  Apparently once you make a purchase from Itunes with your Paypal account, it sets up a billing agreement that allows Apple to bill your Paypal anytime unless you go into Paypal and remove the agreement.

Paypal is investigating my claim and Apple says they will contact me (via email) within 48 hours.  I am confident that Paypal will come through for me and return my money but from what I read, Apple is much less helpful and does not seem to care much that their customers are being ripped off (Interestingly 3 of the 7 apps purchased were created by Apple Inc.)

I will keep you updated as to what happens and if I get my money back.  Oh and Apple, if you think for one second that I am paying you the almost $40 that is outstanding on my account, think again!  Depending on how this situation is handled, I may never purchase from you again (not that you will care because I never purchased that often and you might not consider me a key customer).

I guess I should feel lucky that my credit card was expired and for some divine reason Paypal did not charge my bank account (even thought it was attached to my Paypal account) and I was only hit for $20.  I read about some people that were taken for hundreds and one person was out over $1000.

To me it is not the amount that was stolen but just that I was robbed and it SUCKS!!!!


Xenia said...


I hate all kinds of jerks online, starting with the hackers. Next have to be the spammers that are actually remotely good and take advantage of seniors or people who aren't computer-savvy and get them to believe the junk they send out. After that it's... well, you get the picture.

I really hope this all works out for you okay and it's definitely good that it wasn't any worse than it was!

Jennifer T. said...

A similar thing happened to us. We had a gift card to iTunes that a hacker used up. We were out $15 or so. We were really irritated!

Sorry, this happened to you. Been there.


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